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  1. ahmadka

    PTA's DIRBS Stuff for Overseas Pakistanis

    Is there anyway to predict the DIRBS custom cost of a phone before bringing it to Pakistan ? I'm coming to Pakistan soon for a month long trip, and seeing that my iPhone XS is probably blocked now by PTA (as I entered Pakistan for a 2 week trip back in June, and my 60 days are over), I was...
  2. ahmadka

    PTA's DIRBS Stuff for Overseas Pakistanis

    Thanks so much for the info dude. I think it makes more sense to have a cheap Android phone bought from Pakistan, to use in Pakistan when there. 31k is quite a lot :/ I think its a good move by the government to phase out grey market phones, etc., but the execution is TERRIBLE! ... In the US...
  3. ahmadka

    PTA's DIRBS Stuff for Overseas Pakistanis

    Hi everyone .. I have a few questions, if someone can assist: My wife recently went to Pakistan with a US based iPhone XS. She registered on DIRBS website (which I also can't access from US), and was asked to enter both IMEI's of her iPhone XS (even though the second IMEI is for the digital SIM...
  4. ahmadka

    Any idea where to get a treadmill or elliptical trainer from in Islamabad ?

    Can you tell me which shop in RWP are you referring to ?
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