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  1. STALK3R3R

    Want To Sell Logitech Wireless Combo MK345 (Mouse & Keyboard - Seal Packed)

    Hi Guys, I am selling Logitech Wireless Combo MK345 (Mouse and Keyboard). Condition: It is Seal packed and never opened. Reason for selling: Got it as a gift and Don't need a wireless keyboard and mouse. Price: 4600. A bit negotiable. Market Price ( 5000Rs Approx) Czone Link: Here Product...
  2. STALK3R3R

    Want To Sell Cheapest PSN Plus 12 Months 4,990Rs Only (US)

    Hi, I am selling PSN plus 12 months membership at the lowest price possible. (US Region). Only for 4,990Rs Not cracked, hacked, or anything illegal. :) Contact Number: 0331-5132215 Limited Codes are available. (Edit Note: forgot to Mention contact Number)
  3. STALK3R3R

    $30 Steam Code

    Available. Check Inbox.
  4. STALK3R3R

    Cheapest PSN Plus Membership 12 months 4,600Rs Only

    Hi I am selling PSN Plus membership (US) for 12 months at the Cheapest Price Possible. Price: 4,600Rs Only For instant Reply message or call me on 0331-5132215 :)
  5. STALK3R3R

    Want To Buy Good tier Power Supply - 550 to 650 Max

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a Good tier Power Supply - 550 to 650 Max. Whatsapp or Call on 0331-5132215. Will prefer hand to hand deal
  6. STALK3R3R

    Want To Buy 144hz or 165hz Monitor in Good Price

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a 144hz or 165hz Monitor at a Good Price. Whatsapp or Call on 0331-5132215. Will prefer hand to hand deal.
  7. STALK3R3R

    [UNBOXING] Lamborghini Mobile - Antares [Premium Mobile]

    It came with JB 4.2 but it is upgrade able. But it is not used so its not updated.
  8. STALK3R3R

    [UNBOXING] Lamborghini Mobile - Antares [Premium Mobile]

    Btw it was not a direct advertisement. I mentioned that it is available for sale as well. (i didnt mentioned any prices or specs etc) secondly i made a thread for sale at the same time in Marketplace where mobiles get more views for sales rather than here. - - - Updated - - - I made a thread...
  9. STALK3R3R

    SOLD Xbox 360 Jtag - Urgently

    Xbox 360 Needed.........
  10. STALK3R3R

    Street Fighter V - Online Pakistani Gamers

    Hi @sarim1991 @xstrike9999 and @Aitazaz U guys have been playing on PC..right So i was wondering that how is Online play with PS4 players in Pakistan? Unfortunately i have SHITTYCL, i mean PTCL so i was a little concerned about online performance.
  11. STALK3R3R

    Street fighter v beta

    BC Crapcom.. For Pc beta you have to Pre-Order the game :@ Anyone who is playing on PC? Thoughts?
  12. STALK3R3R

    Want To Buy Need a Good CPU Cooler

    CM Hyper 212 is a little big for my casing. BUMppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp. Still Looking.
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