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  1. xtremegamer

    Pixel Buds by Google (NEW SEALED)

    New box pack Rawalpindi Islamabad Shipping available too
  2. xtremegamer

    Pixel Buds by Google (NEW SEALED)

    23k Brand new sealed box 0 3 hundred 3 6 25 zero 37
  3. xtremegamer

    Google Pixel 6 256GB non-PTA and accessories Sealed

    Google Pixel 6 256gb non PTA 160,000rs Google Pixel 6 back cover 6200rs Spigen 30W USB C charger 5700rs Rawalpindi Islamabad 0 3 hundred 3 6 2 5 zero 3 7
  4. xtremegamer

    Want To Sell Sennheiser HD 458BT ANC Headset

    Still available, reasonable price
  5. xtremegamer

    Want To Buy Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro

    available pixel 6 128gb not pta box pack
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