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  1. Radz

    Share your experiences regarding PTA Patched Devices

    What exactly is called Patched Phone? A Non PTA Approved Phone (Rooted & changed IMEI from Nokia etc phone) Right? What about Iphones? Since they can't be rooted thus no/minimal chance of IMEI change.
  2. Radz

    I want web development service. Can anyone suggest me the best agency or website?

    I think most of the posts in this thread are from bots to get backlinks & promote their own web design services. So don't waste your time offering them your services. You are most likely to not get any response.
  3. Radz

    Lenovo Laptop Battery [Urgent Help Needed]

    I changed the cells of my battery in 1k from Regal Market, so far it's working smoothly.
  4. Radz

    Moving to islamabad suggestions

    What are the best sectors for someone who belongs to the middle class & What are the rates of 200 yards House/Plot? Having, Location & Facilities similar to North Nazimabad.
  5. Radz

    Compact Android Phone

    Have a look at Sony's Z Compact Series. They were the only one making flagship level phone in compact size.
  6. Radz

    Is socially anxious okay?

    Hi kaiser, I am still in learning phase. thanks for pointing out my mistake. Being an introvert I also avoid social gathering but its not savior & not effecting my daily functioning. I already pointed it out in first post which you probably missed to read.
  7. Radz

    Is socially anxious okay?

    I am in the final year of my Masters's Degree in Psychology, so I can't give an expert opinion. But I am strongly against treatment through medication unless it's the worst condition, which social anxiety is not. Your best bet is Hypnotherapy & CBT. It's effective. If you can't afford Paid...
  8. Radz

    The fascination of an MBA and yes there is IBA.

    When I was starting e-commerce business back in 2012 & planning to expand my business, I joined BBA at KASBIT (i was not good in academic prior to that so it was a good option for me) in hope of learning business which would help me increase my income & I was disappointed, I realized that...
  9. Radz

    Is socially anxious okay?

    It's totally ok to have it unless it's moving towards disorder direction according to DSM criteria & it's influencing the regular functioning of your life.
  10. Radz

    Need a Rickshaw based on installment for a needy guy

    Hey, take it to SoulBrothers group on Facebook, Hopefully, you would be able to fund upfront charges from there.
  11. Radz

    A Guy from London want to buy PG Listed Product

    My Mistake,the original person called me is Mr Cz**** & the lady communicating on email is Mrs J*** Cz****. I already confirmed with my Bank, Money is in the account already :D I will make sure to transfer the amount in PK Account before shipping the product so she can't chargeback at any point...
  12. Radz

    A Guy from London want to buy PG Listed Product

    Guess What? After some email exchange, She straight away transferred the Money (Product+Courier) to my GBP UK Bank Account in Advance o_O How do i process from here? I was thinking about sending the product to London through Fedex. Is it feasible? Any other reliable courier options which can be...
  13. Radz

    A Guy from London want to buy PG Listed Product

    Yeah, i was aware of shyts happening at olx, he quoted Pakgamers which is trusted source for me so i thought he might be real. Anyway Thanks for saving my ass.
  14. Radz

    A Guy from London want to buy PG Listed Product

    So I received a Call Today from London Number, he said he got my number from Pakgamers and wants to buy the product which I listed for sale at PG, I said why don't you buy from Amazon, he said its not available. I cross-checked and the product is old and is not available at Amazon UK/US, His...
  15. Radz

    Want To Sell Tronsmart Titan 90W 5 Ports USB Desktop Charger

    The most powerful desktop USB charger for family and office use ever. Equipped with the the latest 2 in 1 charging chip, Safety guarantee. Built with industry grade materials and premium circuitry, fully protect against over-current, overcharging and overheating for safe and fast charging...
  16. Radz

    [SOLVED] 20k budget for official phone - Suggestions required

    compact fones are stories of past, specially in lower/mid range category. In upper range category, you have a choice of Samsung Galaxy S10e or Xperias (if they are still making it). In news fones, your budget is quite limited, Redmi 9 is a good choice. You can also check Oppo F9/11 if you are...
  17. Radz

    Aliexpress orders in this pandemic days

    1) Orders are being delayed (Sometimes not delivered) 2) Custom Duty on top of Order 3) I had received many small parcels & 1 big 100kg shipment of 6 cartons. No need to get frightened (Covid19) everything seems ok.
  18. Radz

    Help to buy my first ever smartphone

    If you are ok with used phone, I would suggest Oppo F9, Its running Android 10 with the latest security patches, 4GB 64GB, a Great camera, Great battery life, decent speed, VOOC Charing (can charge the phone in 75 minutes). You can get it in 18k. Don't go for the kit, buy the one which has a box...
  19. Radz

    I Need a good pair of wireless earphone or earbuds

    Sony WH-1000XM4 currently being sold at the price of $348 on Amazon, Almost 60k
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