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  1. Gamer45

    Advice Needed !

    You do need a GPU in there buddy. Tell us your budget and we could suggest a good gpu according to that since its mandatory if you're going to play games
  2. Gamer45

    Need sincere suggestion

    This. Cooler master extreme psus are one of the worst psus you can buy better alternative is to buy Antec, Corsair or any other reputable brand
  3. Gamer45

    PC is making beeping sound and not powering ON

    Faulty motherboard maybe?
  4. Gamer45

    How to clean A PC from inside ?

    Your Power cable. you don't really need to remove the ram and gpu or any other wires etc just get your pc outside and start the blower. Make sure you keep a little distance from your pc while you are blowing
  5. Gamer45

    [HELP] Dell Inspiron 570 has display problem

    Like the others have said, keep an eye on your temps and also are there any beeps?
  6. Gamer45

    SOLD 3RD Gen Mobo+Ram+PSU

  7. Gamer45

    SOLD Corsair VX550W PSU

  8. Gamer45

    PC Overheating

    1. Check to see if the heatsink is properly seated (see if it wiggles when you move it) 2. Replace your thermal paste. If you don't know how to do it, go to a local PC shop near you and tell them to replace the paste they will just charge 100-150 max
  9. Gamer45

    SOLD Intel i5 2400 chip only

  10. Gamer45

    Budget CSGO and Video Editing laptop

    Basically any laptop with a Nvidia 850m/950m GPU will serve your purpose just fine and falls into your range 40-45k. If you can stretch your budget to around say 55-60k you can find a laptop with a 860m/960m i'm not from RWP but there is a shop on Bank road saddar called the laptop hut you can...
  11. Gamer45

    Please Help me

    Could be a PSU issue. thermaltake Smart SE series are known to be really bad so you should probably check it with another psu
  12. Gamer45

    RTX 2080 and Monitor upgrade

    Jayzzy bhai I would rather wait till they're officially released but if I were you, I'd rather go for the 1080 ti at this time. Why? the whole ray tracing thing kinda seems like a gimmick to me just like how they hyped up physx back in the day plus it is not supported by most of the current...
  13. Gamer45

    Will this upgrade be worth it keeping the price in mind or should I keep the same gaming setup?

    Sir not just any. If some people are going to spend 60k or 100k+ on a PC I always see most of them skimping on a PSU which doesn't make much sense to me. Why not spend a little more for a good quality PSU? It is one of the most important components its just like the heart of your PC and looking...
  14. Gamer45

    Need advice regarding GPU

    Wait 1-2 months Nvidia might release the 2000/1100 series and prices for the 1000 series will hopefully drop as well.
  15. Gamer45

    Will this upgrade be worth it keeping the price in mind or should I keep the same gaming setup? a bit costly but a quality unit
  16. Gamer45

    Will this upgrade be worth it keeping the price in mind or should I keep the same gaming setup?

    If you can bring him down to 35-36 that would be really good. BTW you might wanna change up that PSU since its not that reliable and if you're gonna use it with a card like 580, I wouldn't take the risk. Yes the 8100 is better than the i5 2nd gen
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