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    [HELP] help me guys

    Asalaam alikum. Get better PSU from Corsair/Antec and better storage from WD blue/black or Seagate. Rest is fine.
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    Project Predator Hunt !

    Congrats! Nice hardware except the PSU.
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    Honda Civic 1998 worth it?

    I would recommend Suzuki Cultus 2005 at that budget and for the road condition Karachi has.
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    Gaming PC After 8 Years of Break

    Ma Sha Allah! May it serve you well In Sha Allah. Get Intel 750 PCIe based ssd and ATH-M50(closed)/HD518(open) headphones for the rest of your rig.
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    [GUIDE] Connect Communications Custom VPN Setup with Alternative IP Video Tutorial.

    djkido316 is there any way to bypass ptcl servers like that? mind sharing the procedure for figuring out the servers? tracert? Thanks anyways.
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    Strange problem with LED TV

    What brand is it? Did you change modes? Does it have warranty? To me it seems like your LED is made up of two square panels, i might be wrong.
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    UPS Buying Help, Apollo core series or Homage 2003

    In Sha Allah! It will serve you well.
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    UPS Buying Help, Apollo core series or Homage 2003

    Congrats, but i recommend AGS battery.
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    Arcade Fighting Stick

    Ma Sha Allah, Congrats!
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    Opening a gaming zone in nowshera

    Asalaam walikum. It seems you have insufficient knowledge regarding computer hardware in general. I suggest you get some knowledge before jumping into gaming zone business. Just a food for thought. Anyways best of luck.
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    Prayers for my friend my hero

    Sorry to hear for the loss, may Allah grant him highest place in Janna'h and Sabar-e-jameel to his family and friends.
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    i7-5820k Gaming Build with Razer Chroma Family

    Ma Sha Allah. Congratulations, hope it serves you well enough. Why 970s you could have gone with 2X 8gb 290X for true 4k experience for less money. Anyways, enjoy gaming.
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    R7 260x No Display Issue

    You need to update it one by one, dont update it directly to latest version.
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    [RETIRED] WHAT TO BUY ? : Need buying advice, ask here!

    No idea about these systems.
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    [RETIRED] WHAT TO BUY ? : Need buying advice, ask here!

    I recommend you to get Headphones, Superlux 668b Semi open headphone. Of if you wanna get speaker anyways better get logictech z906 or probably some Creative Gigaworks series.
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    First Time Building a PC - Assistance Required

    Asalaam walikum. -Get an i5 2400(used) for 11-12k or i5 4590 (new) -Get any B75 mobo for i5 2400 or h97 for i5 4590 -Get AMD Non reference r9 290 in warranty (new/used) or import Nvidia gtx 970 (asus/msi/gigabyte g1) for $320+ excluding shipping charges -Get kingston value ram DDR3 8gb 1600mhz...
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    [RETIRED] WHAT TO BUY ? : Need buying advice, ask here!

    Jetfire I dont know about that.
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    [RETIRED] WHAT TO BUY ? : Need buying advice, ask here!

    Asalaam walikum! Kane get 970 but first get atleast 2nd Gen i5 else your cpu will bottleneck, psu is fine thou. Jetfire get Transcend 256gb @ 14.5k from Galaxy
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