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    PC Ram guidance

    I am looking to buid a new pc. Problem is i dont want to buy an expensive 10/11gen mobo which support faster ram on a basic cpuand mobo. I am looking to go for 12 or 16 gb ram Will i be able to two diffrent ram sticks with different speeds? Thx in adv
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    Suggest a good PC build in 80k budget.

    U can build a pc in around 60k excluding gpu and thats the tough part gpus are short in supply right now so build everything new and but a light used gpu which u can upgrade in future. Going everything used aint be economical or future proof...Happy gaming!
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    Want To Trade Wtb/ a third gen i5 or i7

    As title says want a cpu without mobo at resonable price/condition...thx I currently have a g2030 if someone wants it.
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    [SOLVED] GPU repairing service in Karachi

    In my case it was either a cable or game software issue working like a charm now :) Btw feeling sorry for those losing hundreds of dollars worth A class gpus.I still dont know why local vendors give so low time on warranty nowadays?
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    COVID Anxiety

    Calm down man as long as you are following sops u are mostly protected and its not the end i assure u most people are getting vaccinated and as humanity overcame everything it will prevail on this 9ne too.. :)
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    PC Suggestions for PC upgrade

    ^ I had similar thoughts but in the end its ur money and hardware.
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    Which gaming laptop I should go for in this price range?

    Thats a good choice its 14 inch lcd is good...
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    Need Buying Advice Best Mobile Phone in 30K

    Prolly some variant of xiaomi redmi 10 best piece of hardware... :)
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    PC Possible to build an average gaming PC for 70-90K?

    U can check youtube videos for that.
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    PC Possible to build an average gaming PC for 70-90K?

    In that budget u can get everything new with pretty decent tier excluding gpu. U can get amd cpu with vega 8 graphics which will take care of ur gaming needs for now and wait for some good gpu deal...Happy Gaming! :)
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    Help with PC build

    Sorry double post.
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    Help with PC build

    @dushman thats a quad core with 8 threads so i think it wont bottle neck...
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    Help with PC build

    I would suggest u to go with rtx 3060 downgrade cpu to i3 for 20k if u dont have more money cuz i think 4 core 8 threads would be secure enough... 2 lac is a lots of money so rethink about every thing u get and try to save money from it... Happy gaming! :) Edit:I am also thinking about a rig...
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    Suggestion for buying a car for family?

    and what about wuling mini ev what are its chances coming to pk...
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    Suggestion for buying a car for family?

    I have low bugdet for a new car 10-12lac I am considering alto vx and getting a good quality genuine ac later in it.I want save money thats it feasible? On the other hand i am also eyeing wuling mini ev elctric car but dunno when or if it will come to pakistan. Guide me guys...
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    [OT] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- New lines, same old BS

    Where are u from? Btw same here occasionaly.
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    Playstation Sony PlayStation 5 : The Next Gen Begins

    Any oldschool mp legend like killzone2-3. Coming on this?
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    Just a quick question about lrmis?

    Just wanted to know how good is Punjabs land revenue record system can it be tempered with i just read a few months back that even a minister cant mess with it? Edit: Just asking for GK thx
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    [OT] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- New lines, same old BS

    any body having shitty dl speed most of time?
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