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  1. Zeus MK

    Want To Sell MSI GT72 2QE Extreme Gaming Laptop GTX 980M 8GB DDR5 - Core i7 4th Gen 8 Cores - Better than GTX1060

    Specs: i7 4th Generation 8 Cores Processor Geforce GTX980M 8GB DDR5 Top of the Line GPU 8GB RAM Hard drive not included Original Battery & Charger Full HD Big 17 Inch Screen Full 1920X1080 Full 7.1 Channel Sound Card Speaker Support (Gold Platted) Super Fan Mode Speed Option SteelSeries...
  2. Zeus MK

    Want To Buy Laptop with GTX1660Ti or GTX 1070 or GTX 2060 in a reasonable price in Karachi Only

    Assalam O Alekum. The title says it all. Please read "Reasonable" & "Karachi" again. Whatsapp me on (0312)865-0120
  3. Zeus MK

    [Urgent / Specialist Response Please] How can I continue to use the same windows 10 on my current SSD on another higher generation PC/Laptop

    How can I continue to use the same windows 10 on my current SSD on another higher generation PC/Laptop? Only specialists respond to this query, please. I am using activated windows 10 on my 4th gen laptop. I might upgrade to 6th to 7th gen soon in sha ALLAH The question is that would I be able...
  4. Zeus MK

    Want To Sell Beautiful Midrange Gaming Laptop - i7 4th Gen - GTX850M 2GB - 8GB Ram - FullHD Screen - 15.6'' - Backlight - 49K

    Assalam O Alekum. Model : Asus N55JK Gaming Laptop Amazon: I won't brag about this laptop but il only say get this before it's sold as it's a very elegant and powerful gaming machine for a very cheap price...
  5. Zeus MK

    Want To Sell MSI Dual GTX 1060 6GB + i5 6th Gen + 16GB DDR4 + 550W Antec Truepower PSU ONLY 79K

    Assalam O Alekum! The title says it all yes! yes you heard it right. All of the stuff for sale at SOLD Note: -All the stuff is working great! -Hand2Hand deal only -I will give my B150M Motherboard free with this (it's not working anymore) -Casing and DVD RW+ are also free. -Checking on the spot...
  6. Zeus MK

    Want To Buy 6th Generation Motherboard (100% Perfectly Working) / Karachi Only

    Assalam O Alekum Bros, My motherboard is giving me $hit of different kinds. It's failing (sometimes boot errors), sometimes memory and sometimes the LAN disconnects. The reason for telling you the above^ is to let you know that I am looking for a 100% Perfectly Working 6th Generation...
  7. Zeus MK

    Want To Buy Xbox 360 PC Wireless Controller Receiver

    Assalam O Alekum bros. I am looking for an Xbox 360 PC Wireless Controller Receiver, AND NOT a Controller or a Wired Controller Looks like something like this: LINK FOR REFERENCE ONLY ^Only this, please. If anyone is selling for a reasonable price AND is based in Karachi, then please let me...
  8. Zeus MK

    Which LED TV to buy in 43 inches?

  9. Zeus MK

    Want To Buy LED TV 40 Inch Plus

  10. Zeus MK

    Blasphemous Famous Games

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