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  1. Baron1

    Hello. How are you ?

    Hello. How are you ?
  2. Baron1

    KONY2012 filmmaker arrested for running naked in the streets, masturbating

    he was doing things with invisible children
  3. Baron1

    Project Guideline

    lol same here, i was thinking along the lines of mechanical engineering !! :D
  4. Baron1

    Win 8 Xpeince

    wait... theres a start button ? i thought they were gonna scrap that, and a friend installed this on his laptop, im pretty sure the start button was missing ! :S
  5. Baron1

    Kony 2012

    seen this, but its good to know the other side of the story aswell before ordering those action packs and everything: Visible Children - KONY 2012 Criticism and this:
  6. Baron1

    Maya Khan is back with a bang! Sort of..

    She tried to mess with the people, the people messed up her. This is the digital age, nothing is private any more, i dont understand what the fuss is all about. Her husband was correct, she should have gone listened to him and gone to USA after her marriage. I kindda feel sorry fr him.
  7. Baron1

    Diet Control and Fitness Tips

    great thread, very motivational for lazy slobs like me
  8. Baron1

    Model United Nations (MUN's)

    its just a formal way of doing poondi IMO, suit shoot pehn k !! LOL
  9. Baron1

    Strategic Sunnah and The Evil World

    whats with the anime and dramatic soundtrack ?
  10. Baron1

    Pakgamers is going to shit.

    i have been on Pg for quite a while, and yes i agree with the OP that things are getting a bit too strict here, especially the strict moderation of the chatroom by bastwave, but i dont know i guess its for the greater good. There are tonnes of forums out there, u dont like this one then go to...
  11. Baron1

    What do you guys think about this video. Real or fake?

    Heres another video :ninja:
  12. Baron1

    Vaughn Back for X-Men Sequel

    ive loved all the xmen movies to date ( the second one was a bit shabby) , im not complaining...
  13. Baron1

    [EXPIRED] || ANDROID || Owners' Club - Discussion/Tips

    wont it work with Vptcl sim ? i think the PTCl employees use the CDMA network as they all have cdma phones, the Evdo is also based on Cdma i think
  14. Baron1

    Illuminati Everywhere Now

    Question of the day: why are the london 2012 olypic mascots 2 mini dajjals ?
  15. Baron1

    Someone called me with 'NO Number' :o

    A couple of my friends have recieved calls like this, one of them actually spoke to the guy, he was inviting him to join ISI, and provided he had a dual nationality i suppose it was legitimate. They asked him to come to a specific place at a specific time, which he of course refused, after which...
  16. Baron1

    Music Industry Exposed

    saw this series like a year ago... still waiting for eminem to die or something happen to him. ---------- Post added at 04:39 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:38 AM ---------- saw this yesterday, thought u might enjoying it as ur discussing all the NWo now <a...
  17. Baron1

    engineering books for download these two sources had almost everything i needed in the past 4 years of my engineering degree
  18. Baron1

    Cream Hearts Biscuits

    I remember them, and i thinked they stopped making them, why dont u phone up their factory or something LOL
  19. Baron1

    The OFFICIAL Android Apps and Games Thread

    has anyone played cut the rope ? i find that game quite good
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