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  1. GloriousChicken

    [Important] Report PakGamers 2.0 Feedback, Issues or Bugs Here (BETA Soft Launch)

    @NaNoW should be able to fix it for you. :D
  2. GloriousChicken

    Anyone travelling to and from Singapore to Pakistan frequently?

    Sounds rare. But what exactly are you looking for? Maybe you can find online and have it shipped to you, Shipping timings in whole of Asia are pretty reasonable.
  3. GloriousChicken

    [OT] Intl. Shipping Links / Border Customs Discussion

    There are additional charges which will be shown when you get the receipt by the customs.
  4. GloriousChicken

    Featured PakGamers - Rebirth!

    Now that's a face I haven't seen in a long while.
  5. GloriousChicken

    Hey yo, You seem to be a trustable member with active trades often. How about you contact...

    Hey yo, You seem to be a trustable member with active trades often. How about you contact @NaNoW and gain access to the Premium Marketplace so that your ads can get better traffic as compared to the subsection?
  6. GloriousChicken

    XBOX First Halo Infinite gameplay shows off Master Chief’s new tricks

    For some reason, The gunplay felt a lot more stiff than what I remember in Halo: CE and Halo 2. Which really kills the "Nostalgia" feeling they're going for with Infinite. lol
  7. GloriousChicken

    XBOX STALKER 2 headed to Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass

    This made me internally scream. I hope they can keep the same atmosphere and feel of STALKER Chernobyl and not Call of Pripyat. The latter was just... too superfitious.
  8. GloriousChicken

    Featured Tapatalk is no longer supported!

    Been using it on my tablet for a while now and it really has its experience. WHO NEEDS TPT'S OUTDATED UI ANYWAY!
  9. GloriousChicken

    Is this PC Build Ok in 80K?

    Hey yo. Honestly though, the iGPU's are not the best thing to go for. Get a regular 3300X instead and try to shell some cash for a GPU. owo
  10. GloriousChicken


    Damn, is this the return of I W W a r d Private Servers? HOLY SHIT! I remember playing the MW2 and MW3 of these games and they were ten times better than the OG servers due to the modding potentials. Man, I'm so going to try this. Also, btw, I've made the links obscure for obvious reasons.
  11. GloriousChicken

    Need help regarding a dead gpu

    GPU repairing is never a sure thing. The only known method I've seen is to "bake the card" but unfortunately, that is temporary. You'll end up wasting money either way. GPU's that stop giving display or have other functional faults are never rejected in Warranty. That is the reason why...
  12. GloriousChicken

    MULTI Linus: Dualshock 4 "is the BEST game controller"

    I have never walked in so confused into a thread.
  13. GloriousChicken

    Need help regarding a dead gpu

    If you have warranty, claim it through that very shop. If you bought it overseas, then your chances of RMA are very slim as you cant "export" electronics out of Pakistan. But if you are somehow able to do it, then 10K for a brand new GPU in warranty doesn't sound very bad. My advice, if you...
  14. GloriousChicken

    Playstation Ghost of Tsushima [OT] Wake the Duck Up, Samurai!

    damn the scores are going high. Just like the price in pakistan
  15. GloriousChicken

    Origin Store Payment Options in Pakistan

    Also, its indian currency so you'll pay double the money that is listed there.
  16. GloriousChicken


  17. GloriousChicken

    Featured PakGamers - Rebirth!

    Hey yo, the most updated link is on the bottom of the forums. Scroll down until you see the Twitter, Facebook and youtube icons on the bottom right corner. Here is the link:
  18. GloriousChicken

    Valorant Gameplay Pakistan - AMAZING HIGH PING SNIPES - My First Game

    My First Ever Match Of Valorant With Some Amazing Snipes On High Ping. Leave a Like & Subscribe & Turn The Notifications On ⭐Setup➡ CPU➡ i5 9600k 9th Gen GPU➡ GTX 1660Ti 6GB RAM➡ 12GB DDR4 HDD➡ 1TB Mouse➡ Logitech G402 Keyboard➡ MotoSpeed CK62 Webcam➡Logitech C920 Microphone➡ BM 800...
  19. GloriousChicken

    ACE COMBAT™ 7: Another average MP match

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