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  1. MegamanEXE

    Query regarding custom duty on a phone from abroad

    Yo! I'm currently studying in Germany and was a bit short on cash after Nexus 5X finally died (RIP) and I found a great deal on a second-hand dual-sim Galaxy S9 on ebay-classifieds for 200 EUR. It had its own European anti-smuggling thing but the only thing that was needed was to make a 5-minute...
  2. MegamanEXE

    Laptop under 1 lac

  3. MegamanEXE

    Any online poster printing shop?

  4. MegamanEXE

    [NBA] New GPU in 18k?

  5. MegamanEXE

    MULTI Do you like mini-maps?

  6. MegamanEXE

    A Green Lantern logo T-shirt

  7. MegamanEXE

    PC The new great Humble Bundle

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