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  1. Rapchik Killer

    Experience Virtual Reality In Karachi

    Blastwave: Yes, I co-founded Nerdiacs as the CTO of the company. Hope to meet you at the event :) puppet: We have been making games for the past 5 years, recently moved to interactive experiences. We wouldn't have any space for interns at the moment, but i'll definitely let you know when we...
  2. Rapchik Killer

    Experience Virtual Reality In Karachi

    Hey Shadow, yes Umar it is. I didn't know we had people from PG in our last event, im sure i would know you by face :). We are still using the XBox wheel as that is the only one we have lying around in office :P. Looking forward to you meeting you at the event :)
  3. Rapchik Killer

    Job Oppurtunity

  4. Rapchik Killer

    Want To Sell i3 Complete System

    Prices revised, final price only for a few days or he sells it off in the market.
  5. Rapchik Killer

    Want To Sell i3 Complete System

    Thread coming right up
  6. Rapchik Killer

    Integrating Mobile with a Desktop App.

    Yea the logic should be fairly easy.. And it took about a year to build this game..
  7. Rapchik Killer

    Sticky Suggestion

    Thats a nice idea, it will also make it easier to find good people.. Add 2 of my accomplishments in the list too then: My first title BLAZ3D My second title Death Mile
  8. Rapchik Killer

    Integrating Mobile with a Desktop App.

    You didnt get my point.. anyone can communicate via sms, but instead of buying a gsm modem you can use a cheap android phone by making an app on it.. this is an alternate for a gsm modem and would have been better if your app was web based.. you can use the same technique for a desktop...
  9. Rapchik Killer

    Integrating Mobile with a Desktop App.

    Just an idea, you can use any android handset to recieve/send sms.. just need to make an android app for communicating with it.. if your management system is web based you can then communicate with the db directly from the phone or you can forward the sms via wifi to a pc to handle the data...
  10. Rapchik Killer

    MULTI GDC 2013 Europe |OT| Exclusive Coverage By Team PG

    If you see a guy wearing a Nerdiacs t-shirt, hes my partner and co-founder of Nerdiacs :)
  11. Rapchik Killer

    Graphics in C++ for all opengl tutorials
  12. Rapchik Killer

    Too Many Goals in Life?

    ok i didnt have time to read through all the responses, but here goes.. firstly, i am a self taught game developer myself and i have been doing it since 15.. i am the co-founder of Nerdiacs.. its got less to show right now but believe me when i say i have killed myself to get to the level i...
  13. Rapchik Killer

    How do you clean your DSLR lenses?

    ive never had the need to clean my lens either, been 2 years.. just have a uv protector on it which prevents ever having to touch the lens itself.. as for the uv protector, keep the lid on whenver not using and when it still gets dust tissues work fine
  14. Rapchik Killer

    Operation pak army 3d video game design by me

    How dumb are you people? This is how people come on pakistani media claiming to make the guiness world record, when they dont know jack about it.. is the model pack 31 for fps creator like this plane model: The screenshot of which was taken from here: ExploSoft - Models and Media And...
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