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  1. TheGoldenTouch

    Playstation Gran Turismo 7 Purchasing year and month of PS5 is finally confirmed 😀. This hit me in all the right places! THE NOSTALGIA!
  2. TheGoldenTouch

    Want To Sell Elgato HD60S+ Capture Card

    Selling used Elgato cature card hd60s+ and it's also future proof because of 4k passthrough for consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Thanks Condition: 9.8/10 Location: Karachi Price: 38500rs Please google for full specs. how to add links to tumblr
  3. TheGoldenTouch

    Rain 4k

  4. TheGoldenTouch

    Want To Sell Vantop Dash Cam 2.5k resolution with night sensor

    Price: 20,000rs Condition: 9/10 Location: Karachi Warranty: None Full Specs:
  5. TheGoldenTouch

    PS4 Fat 500gb Jailbreak

    Series: 1200 Firmware: 6.72 Accessories: Power Cable, HDMI Cable and Controller. These seven games are already installed. 1. The Last Of Us 2 2. NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered 3. Watch Dogs Legion 4. Marvel's Avenger 5. Spiderman Miles Morales 6. Assassin's Creed Valhalla 7. Mortal Kombat 11...
  6. TheGoldenTouch

    Want To Sell Adata 4tb Shock-Resistant Extra Slim

    Price: 17200rs with 11 months warranty Location : Karachi
  7. TheGoldenTouch

    Want To Buy 2tb 2.5" SSHD

  8. TheGoldenTouch

    Playstation PS2 Emulation Gets Even Nicer With Custom Textures

    PCSX2 has long been a fantastic PS2 emulator, but a recent advance has made it all the more appealing for anyone playing on a PC: the ability to swap textures in games. While the famous Dolphin emulator for the GameCube has long supported this feature, PCSX2 has only just brought it in, and...
  9. TheGoldenTouch

    Want To Buy PS2 sata interface adapter

    Location: Karachi.
  10. TheGoldenTouch

    Want To Buy The Last Of Us 2

    demand is less than 4k if possible and location is Karachi. Thanks.
  11. TheGoldenTouch

    PS4 Slim or Fat Jailbreak without hdd and controller

    PS4 slim jailbreak without hdd and controller, it must be very cheap. My location is Karachi. Thanks.
  12. TheGoldenTouch

    PS3 Component cable

  13. TheGoldenTouch

    Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 2400mhz DDR4

    Used but in good condition with box. Looking exactly same one as shown in pictures below. Location is Karachi.
  14. TheGoldenTouch

    Just Another Rainy Day (July 2020)

  15. TheGoldenTouch

    Want To Buy Graphic card 2gb 128 bit under 8k

    Topic..... My location is Karachi.
  16. TheGoldenTouch

    Want To Buy Core i3 9100f Processor and Kingston 8gb ddr4 ram

    new processor cost is 16800rs but i am looking for used one in reasonable price and used kingstom ram is available for 5k. If anyone selling at reasonable price then plz let me know through pm. Thanks. Location:Karachi.
  17. TheGoldenTouch

    Want To Sell APC branded ups SMT 750I

    Selling almost one year old Apc branded ups with original branded battery, best for PS4 pro, and xboxone, backup timing is around 15 to 20mins maybe even more. Price:19000rs Condition:9/10 Location:Karachi
  18. TheGoldenTouch

    Karachi's First Rain Of 2020

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