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  • Thanks for linking that thread. You have basically opened my eyes lol.
    So if i go with what's being said in that thread, a jump is ONLY recommended if going from I5 -> I7. Then you should go for a newer gen.
    Ill start searching for an i7 then. If i find one is suitable range, sure otherwise i'd stick with my 2500k for now.

    Thanks again for the information, it was really helpful.
    Hey thanks for the advice!
    I'll actually, HOPEFULLY, be going for 3570k instead of the non k versions.
    I was hoping for the non k version to save some money, as the mobo i'm going for will not have overclocking facility as i have realized from my recent experience that no game can ever utilize 4.5ghz of speed anyway. its all on Gpu.
    But ill be going for either 3570 OR 3570k.
    hey Zeus.

    i wanna play Cod Bo mp cracked version but dont know if its still working online or not.
    i have seen your thread in Cod section with guide. so i think you have something proper related to mp cracked.

    Also tell you, Alteriw and Alterops are going offline.
    please tell me. it will be appreciated if you share something.

    so finally the playboy got out the cage or i must say breaked through the cage. :p welcome back amigo.
    Ofcourse there isn't anything 'wrong'.

    I have Reopened the thread. You may continue using it for its intended purpose.


    Inactive threads have automatic closure time of 6 months.

    That said, MSI Afterbruner (with Kombuster, packaged) has taken the lead, while it was based on same tech as Furmark. So there is no point reopening that thread.

    However, there are no restrictions (other than the rules) so you can go ahead and make a new thread for MSI Afterbruner, if it pleases you. Make sure to search the forum first, to make sure such thread does not exist already.
    Yar drasal ma nain pora system sale krna hay.aik bandy sy bat chal rhy hay agr ho gya to shi nhi to ap sy deal krn ga phr.
    aight then its done deal ......inshaAllah i will contact you on ur number now...
    well...how much it has been used? and does it have complete stuff? box,.... sticker etc?
    "afterlife final" O_O lolz ...well actually mm068 wants the processor and he has very limited funds im just trying to help him out.

    Buddy at least make it 4.8k and inshaAllah i will pick it up within this week ....
    well...what can do for in regards to the amount, then inshaAllah we can finalize this
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