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  • No idea, but i m currently obsessed with these three sports journalist (football) :p

    Maleka menard

    Pamela David

    Marisol Gonzalez
    Good luck with your processor and hd sell, I wanted the thing urgently yaar so i understand you have ample buyers at 4k. Just spoke to another PG member for 2 PSU's so won't be able to commit with you due to urgency I could not have waited.
    Asalam o Alikum,

    I have seagate 1.5tb drive... using it as a backup drive... its in perfect condition! what would be the difference? i would like to exchange it with your 2tb drive... also let me know if you have 3 tb drive...

    also let me know if your drive is warranty replaced!? mine is A quality drive!

    Thanks & best regards,

    Mortal Eternity!
    ok mate! your query been solved and relevant awesome song thread been re-opened.

    sorry for late reply. ive checked that 'awesome music' thread and talked with the mod who closed it, but for some reason im unable to re-open it. will talk to glob.mod and once it will be back for posting will let you know

    I would love to do that, you know, getting a 7870 however just a small issue. Its my mobo that's faulty and i need to replace it anyway. So i was thinking to just get rid of the processor as well along with the mobo to upgrade to ivy. Your talk made sense which is why i dont think ill be selling the processor. Just gonna scrap the mobo or something. That's why asked you about a replacement if you can think of one. :D
    I am currently using Sapphire Radeon 6950 2gb Dirt3 Edition. It has been working superbly for me, i have not yet seen anything lag on it, though the only titles i play are Dota2 and now the upcoming Rome 2 etc. My gaming need isnt that high end like crysis 3. So i guess 6950 would suffice for now. If i ever have a GPU issue, i have planned a crossfire solution which would then last me another year or more atleast.
    Can you recommend me some mobo? Anything in range and suitable for my needs, do note that i NEVER overclock since at 4.5g the fps increase was unnoticable. So i dont need OC. Just that my rams run @ 1600mhz. The boards i keep looking at say 1333mhz etc :/ If you can tell me anything good within 7-9k it would be awesome.
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