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  • ary that meanZ ur my follower... i did A level Pvt 2 wid full gansta stuff ;)
    but sometimes it was getting to much borring isn't it

    WWE FTW!
    but by By religion i meant our beloved ISLAM

    M xactly 20 ;)

    Na I live just 2 steps from hair inn.. i bet u know dat saloon

    bacha shadi karraha hai.. good job (lolx) ThumBs UP! ;)
    What religion? OH! you mean Randy Orton ? :D
    Yes HAIL TEH VIPER! i have been a orton fan since he was in evolution :D
    and Block K is like opposite Serena mobile market right?
    these days im not doing shit. Im doing my A levels 2nd year privately. Farigh hun, movies and games. thats all. and shadi aaj kal :\
    im 18 btw :p u must be well over 20 as ur doing ACCA.
    its not omkaro :p
    its OMARko.
    basically my name is Omar. and i am a Orton fan. so omaRKO. :p
    i live in H block. near hyderi market what abt u?
    Not good mate, u shud enjoy life, all these topsy turvy kinda scenario is a part of a normal life. is it xanx or xamx, can't get you.

    anyways .... talkin'bout me, well im having a hectic lifestyle ... just working hard and in the spare time, hhhmm u know better ... music exploration. will let u know in detail in next reply.

    Dream theater ... love this band. Can you tell me who's ur fav artist or band?
    oh u mean ... Illuminati, not really. Lucifer's dose .... hahaha.... i love music of all kind except the junk we all hear nowadays in our living rooms.

    well forget this ... what u've been upto recently? how's life treating ya?
    lol damn i must be high when i made my thread!its july for sure!soo its not jtaggable!
    oh yeah. C&C zero hour, right? its a swell game.
    and lol. the guy hates me. what can i do? i got banned and baki other people did not :\
    i am about to end bioshock on my xbox. pretty awesome game.
    i was joking HAHA :p
    yahan sab gosht waghairah baat diya. Eid went great.
    yar i dunno why i was banned :s
    we were testing out words like "******" which automatically get banned.
    and then a mod banned me :(
    shit happens.
    where did ur Xbox gaming get to?
    Khair Mubarik :D
    main sahi hun, your prayers are keeping me alive :) :p
    aaaur bhai! deep freezer bhar liya?
    aik raan yahan bhi bhij wado! :p
    Eid Greeting mate. enjoy and don't forget me in good moments while having a spicy BBQ with family and friends ...
    thats all you need! 1mb DSL is enuff. just attach ur router's ethernet connection to the xbox. and just go to ur xbox LIVE :D it will make u a new LIVE acount. sab angraizi main hai :p i think u will manage
    sorry. i went away to play bioshoch 1 :p
    well my current GT: rawrman1
    and yeah. i am trying to find a copy of reach :\
    and i can understand, ACCA is tough. heard abt it a lot. u shud try sundays. i usually play on weekday mornings or like abt 4-6 pm bcz that when i can detach my router n play live :\
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