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  • Let me know when you're going to start studying for the physics section B stuff. Sir Yawar gives a big beefy book to study it from which you have to pay for, I have mine from my year, which you can have.
    Same here on 90% . But it went good tbh . Electricity went quite good ,didn't expect that . otherwise fingers crossed don't want to jingx it .
    And Speaking of console id, simply go to this forum.

    Console ID'S | ConsoleCrunch

    New IDs are posted almost daily. Working ones, at least. All you have to do is copy/paste this id in the .cfg file(Open in Notepad) of the PSN Patch program. Simply install the PSNPatch on PS3 and then put this .cfg file in the root of USB. You won't ever have to risk getting your console banned and since you are using a ID with multiple console users, it will be hard to get your gamertag banned as well. Just to be cautious, i don't recommend using your precious gamertag, better make a new one :p.

    Even though i am banned, i get online now using this method :)
    No easy way. You will need to install ODE and it will cost you far more. But using that, you can toggle between normal + CFW.

    My advice is to use a custom console id from consolecrunch.org and then use PSNPatch to spoof it to your console. PSNPatch also allows you to temporary disable your Custom Firmware and hence the risk is lowered. But don't use your old account, just make a new one. It will be very hard to get banned using that method but the trade-off is using a new id.
    Pretty damn high if you just play online.

    A little lower if you stay cautious.

    Better play it on a new account and don't sacrifice your old one.
    You just hit my weak point :( Whenever someone asks me to do a question,I can't spare a second to do it afterwards X_X
    Exact Same here .In my opinion ,he used to complicate things but I think I am not going to blame the teacher .It's the book's fault that I'm not able to understand the concept.I'm sure you have come across question regarding moments in a ladder standing against the wall.It was atleast in the worksheet I sent you .The worksheet was from the CD I got from the book and yet there was no example regarding that .It could be that I missed it by mistake .I'll check my book thoroughly but I'm really not satisfied by my book.Can you send me a pic of the cover of the books your using ? BTW Suggestion atleast regarding Chem.Write notes,it helps like hell !! I wrote notes only for chem and out of Maths physics and chem,i scored highest in Chem .
    Same over here.I scored the least in Physics in Mid-exams :/ The book I'm using is not that good at explaining things and my teacher is not that good at answering my queries either :/
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    NaNoW NaNoW: Isko chemistry teacher hona chaye, man I hated chemistry! had an amzing chemisty teacher..sir rizwan