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  • Got it for Rs. 22,500. At that time the price was around Rs.23,500-25,000 but I was able to strike a good deal. You might be able to find it even cheaper now.

    Its dual-sim. Single-sim model is only available in 8GB Moto G. No one had a 16GB single sim model.

    Excellent, all around. Loving it. If lack of SD card support is not an issue for you, I don't think you can find a better phone at this price. Moreover, its scheduled to get the Lollipop upgrade which the Huawei Honor 3C will probably never get.
    yaar seagate ki kahin se search karo 1tb 7.5k tak mil jaye gi easily. nahi mili tu toshiba bhi theek hay phir.
    han yaar yeh baat tu hay kay banda pareshan hota hay but don't worry yaar. bemari har insan par aati hay. tum koi sadqa do in sha ALLAH kheriat hogi
    Basically you don't have to worry about anything and focus on Real Temp's temps because they are showing the actual "core" temps.

    CPUTIN is basically the die of CPU, and it never shows the true reading because of uncalibrated sensors. You should disregard it completely.

    Its just the case of GPU's PCB vs. Chip temperatures. Both can't be the same. While PCB may run at 40C, the GPU Chip may be running at value Double than that.
    Phir better option is to increase the budget slightly more upto 20k and buy the Xperia Sola. A much better choice than any QMobile and for the price too. Quality will speak for itself :)


    In 15k you can have better choices than QMobile but you'll have to do some findings.

    If you can visit some of the major mobile markets of Lahore, Karahi or even if you have a market there ... search for following two Korean models:
    1. LG SU880 -- Priced around 11-12k
    2. LG SU640 -- Priced around 15.5 - 16k.

    Both are Great phones in reasonable price. However finding them would be a problem.

    Other choice is to look at PG Marketplace. There was a LU6200 being sold there and also a Motorola Atrix 2. Both are brilliant phones.
    LESCO ne tang kya hua hay. I was writing it when lights went out :looking:

    Idar he pooch lain jo poochna hay.

    I suppose you need to purchase a phone? Whats the budget and who will be the user?

    Baaqi baal bachay theek? Kitnay phool khilay hain abhi tak? :D


    And ye aap ussi banday se pooch lo how is he selling that cheap? Maybe without accessories & box bech raha hay iss liye. Prices are okay though.
    Janab aap ka PM ho and main reply na karon? Kidar likha hay? :looking:

    EDIT: Apologies janab. Just found out that i have a PM by you sent on Thrusday. Pata he nai chala because i didn't get any notification :S
    Yeah thanks for asking, problem was solved it was due to some problem in router.

    P.S i am not a mod :p
    Resource Monitor main "DISK" tab ki activity post karni thi chacha :p Well nevermind.

    Task Manager shows that the HDD had remained 50% active BARELY most of the time. Being a 5400RPM HDD, is totally understandable because obviously the HDD will have to work a little more to keep up with the OS (comparative to any normal 7200RPM disk)

    Anyway ... The point is. Its just fine.

    So tell me again, why were you getting concerned about it? Any impact on the performance of the laptop?
    Check Resource Monitor and see Which Process is eating up more disk activity.

    Plus, tell me more about the Hard Drive you are using. Is it IDE or SATA? If SATA then 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s?

    Also, check the Graphs in Task Manager ... to check the on-going read/write speeds.


    My HDD, even when uTorrent & Azeurs BOTH running in the background always stays Normal. Even now its literally 1%.
    Mughal Sahab. The issues you are facing are NOT because of Windows 8.

    The fan spinning more may be due to the temperature which are rising than usual.

    And about the Hard Disk ... I dont know why do you say that because Windows 8 does much less HDD activity as compared to 7.
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