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  • This is rather unfortunate. The PS3 hack usage is extremely easy. Have you tried dowloading any PSN game and then installing it. You will get these games in .pkg format and then you simply copy them to the root of a usb stick and then go to XMB -> Install Package Files. They will appear on the main menu. PS2 and PSP games can be found in package format from IPTorrents and you just install the package and play them from the XMB like on a normal PS3. Same goes for PSN games (PS3 or the downloadable ones)

    Which custom firmware are you using right now? I am using Rogero 4.55 firmware and never had any issues.
    They will show if you get the PSN version of the game (If it exists)

    Otherwise you will have to use Multiman if they only have the disc version.
    It is not complicated at all. It is just confusing for you since this is the first time. It is easier than a JTAG, trust me :)
    That's normal. That's how it works :)

    Once you select and open a game in Multiman, it mounts it to the Blu-ray drive and goes back to XMB. If you have a blu-ray in drive, you can see the mounted game there and play it like it is the actual disc in the drive. If you don't have a blu-ray in drive, you can scroll a little up to the App/PS3 icon (Blu-ray icon usually) and you can see the game listed there, and you can play it as a normal PS3 game.
    You can just download PS1/PS2 ISOs from any site, and easily convert them to PS2 Classics. For PS1, they don't need any to be converted. While for PS2, you can use the latest version of program called PS2ClassicsGUI and it is pretty straight forward to use.
    Hey, was just wondering if we have an easy guide to setup XLink Kai on an RGH'd XBox 360 SLIM console.

    Well, do we?
    Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder DVC100 - Video Capture Card, Record XBOX PS3 Games | eBay
    dude tell me what are your views on this capture card to record vids and screenshots from xbox 360...and it doesnt support hdmi..will there be some big difference in recording quality?
    Salaam Sheraz bhai. It's been quite a while. How've you been? I got your offline messages regarding the Sony Bravia LED EX720. I have the 40 inch version of the same TV, and it is excellent for gaming. 3D needs some adjustment, though, in order to clear out ghosting/crosstalk.

    If you're getting a TV primarily for 3D, then I would recommend the Panasonic ST30. There's absolutely no crosstalk on that TV, but it doesn't resolve full detail when outputting in 3D. It's not very noticeable. Crosstalk is a bigger issue, and this TV is free from it. The Sony LED resolves full detail, but suffers from occasional crosstalk, even after adjustment.

    Read this article for more info:
    DAMN! If they'd only Add subs to their games I'd have played it now.In fact I'd prefer to play it with subs and original Japanese VA and songs. :(
    got the wheel at last :p , recved it yesterday , i played on pc for couple of hours so far everything looks perfect :) i will leave you fb soon,ur inbox is full :D
    A very heartiest Happy Eid Mubarrak to you and to your family,
    may Allah bestow His blessings throughout the year on you all - Amen :)
    Best wishes
    Osman Aka hitman4life
    So ummm the new reset glitch jtag thingy, is it worth getting it? Its just like the older JTAG right?
    What if i take the console abroad? Would i still need to update like the LT+ situation?
    ok thanks for you reply and secondly are there any consequences of updating my dashboard like you said?
    Just wanted to know is forza 4 working perfectly fine on your j-tag? because i am getting my console j-tagged next week and the first game i am going to play if forza 4 so i have to be sure of course j-tag has it's own share of pros but still if you ca kindly answer my question that would be great
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