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  • Assuming I get it to 35C, how exactly am I supposed to check the oil level without a dipstick
    Drain plug removed -> Strainer removed -> Sump removed. Cleaned (was very clean though). Oil filled.

    How the hell am I supposed to know when it's b/w 35 and 45C. And, unless they've hidden it elsewhere, I couldn't find a dipstick :p
    I didn't. I simply checked how much oil was needed to be put in and put that much in :p
    Oh. -_-

    Procedure? There really wasn't any rocket science to it. What do they not do?
    Yoo nigga. I recall reading a post of yours regarding how it was difficult to change cvt transmission oil.

    Just changed it on my cousins Belta. Still wondering what what the difficult part was (in that, what went wrong). Took me 5 mins tops.

    I just checked now and it showed 91ms. But still, this is way over the usual 45 to 60ms that I would get after getting my wired copper connection converted to fibre optic.
    Hello, I hope you're good.

    I have been noticing alot higher pings than usual on my PTCL 2MBPS fibre optic connection for the past week or so which has also not allowed me to establish contact and find players on online games. There have been times when ping would even reach over 350ms and normally it's just over 100ms or just lower than a 100ms these days. Before, it would not cross 60ms and range between 45ms and 60ms.

    I called PTCL last night and they said "back end pe issue aa raha hai." The guy didn't even know if high ping is an issue and thought if the speed is okay, everything is. Do you know what might be causing this and how it can be fixed?

    Thank you.
    Hey. Please let me know why swift auto is pathetic and why Belta 1.0 isn't recommended? Thanks

    Here I am again with a much easier and more straightforward query (hopefully). I wanted to get a new 5 meter/16 feet ethernet wire to be able to connect the PlayStation 3 to the PTCL router. I just wanted to know if I should go for CAT 5 or the CAT 6 cable or any other considering I have a 2MBPS connection.
    Does it really matter and affect the rate of transfer at such low speeds or do I really need to be careful about those codes?

    Thanks in advance.
    Ty. :D

    I got tipped after that they knew I was going to pick PL because I was very active with him in recent matches.

    In the end, the better team wins right? So hats off to them. ( Though they should be recalculating why they were completely overwhelmed at the start. )

    Oh and add me to steam, so we can play together n what not. ^_^
    surprisingly its still not mentioned on intel's website,
    Intel® Solid-State Drives (SSD)

    525 is actually 520 in micro size and had no performance boost like 335 vs 330. 530 is then real replacement to the aging 520 series no doubt but its going to be expensive!
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