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  • Thanks! The ISB staff is completely uninformed, I call him twice and he still didn't confirm. :( Can you please confirm it somehow? Also, if I order from Karachi will it ship to me directly from ISB store or from Karachi?
    AOA, can you please PM me Yasir bhai's mobile number? Even better if you just tell me what model number of Nexus 5 is sold on BeeGeek is. :p
    Done and dusted with LUMS (sm2) And no, I have no plans to attend the Lahore jalsa yet. But you never know
    Oh fuck the stickies ;)

    They have zlich power. They can't ban, at least if these are the same SVs that used to be back in 11' or sth. You haz no real power. :')
    Hey I just saw that VM. Yes you can use the thread as long as you link it back to this thread as source.

    At Rs. 600, I think it's worth a shot.Whatcha say?
    Worst case, I was thinking, I'd use it up on the everyday suzuki's :p
    I was planning on importing P21S/S100.. $15 and amazing reviews. Currently using Zymol Creme. Lasted me a fucking lifetime, now running low. Any suggestions? I'd prefer buying locally if the price is right. I have maybe about $50 at hand for the polishes. Planning on getting a medium grade rubbing compound too + an orbital polisher in the future to save time + swirls + do all cars in 2 days instead of spending a month on them.
    Noob, what are your views on the polish DC have entered the market with?
    Quick question, I have waxed my car, How should i remove the dirt that accumulates over it ?? Should I just dust it off or wash it with water ?? And when I plan to wax it again, can I just lay down another wax layer on it without shampoo ??
    remove the first drain plug of the sump when temp gauge reaches quarter, if no oil drops then start filling oil from the fill port till it starts overflowing from the drain plug. At that point stop pouring and wait till oil starts to trickle, close the drain plug. Now you're oil is at optimum level.
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