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  • I know, I added one torrent from BTN, about 300GB, crashed it, now deleting it through ftp, will restart server as soon as it deletes it. :D
    lol .. i just came online now .. this is never going to work :D

    you better send me a pm with the details, or else we will never be able to communicate live considering the loadshedding condition here :[
    sorry mate, my seedbox expired on 30th last month, and now my exams are starting within few days, so there is no chance that i might buy at this moment.
    Sorry Bro I just checked it. And Has got it.
    Now Tell me whether you want invite or Account.?
    I think account would be better for you. Coz you will not have to wait for 8 weeks or longer to get promotion to a good Rank.
    But it all depends on you now. Whatever you like.
    Just let me know and I would do whatever you want.
    oh and i put some torrents to your seedbox just to put use on it, when you get online, remove them :)
    if you haven't got the invite yet, then send a pm to that mod as said by him

    its 3 days i think

    also, did you pay?
    Confirmed again, the 300gb plan is available.
    I can't contact the guy at the moment, as soon as I do, I'll send you the details.

    Any update on the invite?
    I talked to gamestuff on irc this morning. He said that 300gb plan is out of stock, then I asked him about noob plan, he said that he's not sure, he will me tonight.
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