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  • Try the electronics market in your local area. I only know about Lahore. Sorry.
    sorry yar, i was about to buy but then i bought dell LCD from annosad so now im short on money.
    Since it was getting off topic, I'll continue here.

    First off, I'm not picking a fight, merely clarifying.


    There's no such thing as a 'pure' sine wave in UPSes even the 200,000 PKR APC ones (personally hooked it up to an oscilloscope). There is, but it closely resembles a simulated sine wave. It's a wee bit 'tighter' a voltage margin.

    The reason why PSUs don't affect from simulated sine waves is because the voltage already has to drop down to a DC 12 5 and 3 V supply. That, and almost all PSUs are resistant to such ups and downs. The sine wave element of a UPS will only come into play when it's on battery power. There're a lot of experiments on the net. I'll share a few with you after I'm done with my exam on 2nd Jun.
    bro dont have display my lcd got sold. but last time i checked its perfect no bad sectors etc.
    id buy the cheaper one

    there is very little difference in temps of different Thermal Pastes
    Hey ... I never got to ask your english grade in O levels? What was it? How much did you use to score in english and school? Did you mess up any part of the english CIE paper?
    nice led fans but i've shitty case to fit them in, have one thermaltake ledfan and it was hard time finding place for it, lol
    i'll have them if they were available till i get a new casing ...
    thats sound good :)
    I am buying from amazon at $5 with shipment but reviews saying it doesnt work this way
    yar vga-hdmi cable ap ne kitne ki li thi aur pc se connect ki thi aur kitne resolution support krti hai
    i bought it from an online site..i mostly watch all the EU channels like sky it etc ..i recently bought from a pak guy his server was way tooooo sloww.if u r into the pak,india channels then buy from a paki guy..

    you can get the sellers from
    yep..u can't watch all the HD channels on dream500 ...u need 500HD or dm 800HD,i prefer 500HD cause its tuner is old and powerful
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