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  • What are u trying to acheive by this bios update?
    Improved Software and Hardware Functionality that's it, Else What can you achieve by upgrading the BIOS of your Motherboard or Graphics Card?

    U have a normal video card u trying to mod to a quadro, or u upgrading a quadro?
    No bro i have the same quadro fx 3700 card
    Hi BrO Check this SOurce !!!

    This package contains the Flash Utilities that are necessary to update the video BIOS (ROM) of an NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700 Video Card in the supported workstation models and operating systems.

    PURPOSE: Recommended
    EFFECTIVE DATE: June 1, 2009
    CATEGORY: Firmware

    My GPU's current bios revision is 62.92.3A.00.16
    Is it ok to apply this bios ???
    Kenwood Super Woofer SW-7
    Practical maximum output: 70 W (50 Hz, EIAJ 10%, 6 ohm)
    Frequency response: 20 Hz to 60 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz
    Phase switching: NORMAL, REVERSE
    Input sensitivity & input impedance:
    RCA-type pin-plug jack: 100 mV / 70 W 6 ohm, 5k ohm
    Push-type terminals: 1 V / 70 W 6 ohm, 12k ohm
    Supply voltage: AC 110 - 120 V~, AC 220 V~, AV 240 V~
    Rated power comsumption: 80 W
    Bhai fnf for your 2gb x 2 stick of platinum stick
    I only do have 2 ram slots or else i would have bought all three of them
    oh. nice do tell me how you did that.
    but i just got this laptop so i can take it to my university for work otherwise i mostly use ac power to run it.

    do tell me any other tweaks about this laptop if you know
    nah it doesn't man easy way to know is the unit starts throwing out really warm air when gc turns on. as my brightness is always almost full when i game the laptops last hardly 45 mins :p
    also try putting everything in the switchable graphics menu cause the things not on the list are set to not assigned and may use the gc resulting in less battery time
    i get more than two hours on balanced and no it doesn't switch randomly. right click on desktop. click on configure switchable graphics and assign the workload of the gc relative to the programs. power saving means intel hd graphics. high performance means gc
    Yes but it was my class fellows, I suggested her to get that laptop because it was best bet along with great specs especially Core i5 with Ivy Bridge.
    Pretty good and 7670M performing great as well 40-50 FPS (constant) in DotA 2 with all texture settings to full except for a few options (AA/Specular bloom e.t.c). Will upgrade RAM to 8GB in a few weeks as 4GB isn't enough for me.
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