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  • Guys the activation disk is not running on my PAL JASPER, although am able to run Fight Night Round 4 (iXtreme 1.6 i believe) on my console, plz hep as other games are not COD MW2, Dragon Age etc etc PLZ PM :)
    I am on Vphone internet .. and browsing is almost as slow as that with a dial up connection
    Anyways the total blackout period starts from tomorrow .. Dunno how long it will last :(
    Tera bhi Usuf wala haal howa lol :p waisay mujhay bhi thori shoudi marna da I was the only one along with mullah who got an A in paper 1 of eng baqi sab ka b ya c hain .. Un ka bhi Jin ka overall a hai

    hota hai yar har kisi ka sath kabhi na kabhi :D do you know I got 100/100 in my isl mock test and in the final exam just barely got an a at 90 :D
    Ab English main tu Tera b Ana sa raha so it must be physics ... Or hmm it can't be maths ahan got it computer main b hai ?
    Heho knew it though I know that you either got a b in Urdu or hmm admaths ? Err wait u took admaths right ?
    Us waqt hmm I think maths tha phir .. Aur suna dil to thandak pohanch gayi a's dekh ker .. Waisay Tera straight a's tha na ? :p
    I am out of the gaming scene yar .. Abhi aur kafi kaam Jain and hham shift bhihona wala hain wo blackout period ho ga Jan tak new line nahi lag jati wahan
    Chal aur suna what's cooking ? Waisay main abhi guitar Baja raha hoon thora bauta bajna lag hi gaya hai :p
    Chalo then I guess I"ll be alone this time ...... Anyways total delegations ka koyi idea hai ? Jitni ziada hoon utna faida :p
    Mera pas hai ... Anyways heard there are over delegations this time ? And tum kuch tayari ker raha ho ya chup rehna ka programm hai meri terhaan :p and tumhari delegation main sa disec main kaun hai ?
    Abey unfortunate kiyon lucky kaho .. Ziada chawliyan nahi Marni pertii let the biggies talk ( us and all )
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