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  • No, you don't need a blu-ray drive. Just download a movie that is marked as SBS (side-by-side). Then, download a program called Cyberlink PowerDVD (latest version), and use that to watch your movies. It works really well.

    I would recommend a Passive 3DTV over an Active one, but Samsung offers better picture quality than Orient in general. Are you planning on gaming on this TV? Not sure if the Orient TV has a Game Mode, but if it does, you may want to test out some fast-paced shooter on it (like COD). I'll try to investigate the input lag on this panel. Could you give me the model number for the Orient TV you're looking to get?

    Also, what's your budget range?
    Oh and one more thing about Active vs Passive. Active 3D glasses are expensive - around 7-10K rupees per pair - whereas the passive ones are practically free. The ones you get from the cinema work perfectly fine on a Passive 3DTV. Such is the beauty of passive 3D tech. It's affordable, convenient, and practical.
    Active 3D glasses last for around 6-7 hours of non-stop viewing. Charging them isn't really an issue. You don't need to replace batteries.

    Stick with Samsung, Orient isn't so good to be honest. Samsung and Sony have perfected their 3D tech over the course of the last 2-3 years.

    Yeah, LED backlit TVs work well in the long run. But they do end up with certain issues, like the "dirty screen effect" and "clouding/backlight bleeding" over the course of usage. These things aren't a huge problem, but if you're used to watching movies in the dark, backlight bleeding can be an annoyance. Just make sure to inspect the TV that you buy in a darker environment, in order to check that your panel doesn't already come with any clouding issues. But in the long-run, this is unavoidable due to the edge-lit backlight tech.
    Passive 3D is wayyyy better than Active. Trust me on this one. I have used both, and my current 3DTV is passive. While Active offers native 1080p for 3D movies and native 720p for games, the end result in image quality isn't noticeable at all. In fact, passive technology recreates the original image in your mind. There is no alternating frame, therefore you don't get any eye strain from the shutter lens constantly opening and closing. It becomes really hard to watch a 2-3 hour movie or do a lengthy session of gaming on an Active 3DTV. Plus, Active 3DTVs suffer from a greater amount of crosstalk. Passive 3D is almost completely free of crosstalk, as long as you don't set the depth range beyond the threshold.
    Hey Shary. Sure, the first thing you should know is that 3DTVs only support 60Hz at 720p for 3D output. 1080p in 3D is reserved for movies, which runs at 24Hz.

    Games will look great in 3D even at 720p, but keep in mind that it puts a lot of rendering load on the GPU. The R9 270 is a good choice, but Nvidia does offer better support for 3D vision with its drivers. With AMD, you'll have to look towards 3rd party software, and support is limited. However, you do have more options with that 3rd party solution, such as side-by-side (retains more pixels than 720p). So, in the end, both AMD and Nvidia have their own benefits in terms of their 3D offering, but I'll have to give the nod to Nvidia in this regard.
    Yo! Quick question, where were you getting this deal "Dude I was getting a great deal from abroad :'( If only I could have read a review of this game early on... 150 CAD for a 250 GB console"? My 360 gave up on me just before GTA V. Talk about luck. My sister is gonna visit Canada in a couple days, it'd be awesome if I can find a 360 for that price.
    Hmm i5 will surely help...Anyways after 15 minutes i found the perfect revision....
    Dolphin 3.5-2279 and newer version.... If you play on these the sound moves w.r.t video i.e if your frame rate is low like 15-25 which is a normal rate for me in last story ( it requires an i5 i guess or more ) you'll get choppy sound But if you play on dolphin 3.5-1124 and older versions the sound proceed as if the game were running on normal speed thus the audio n video don't sync .... but i like it dis way... bcz i can read the subtitles :p
    Boss...I need ur help for Wii emulator....first I am having a problem with nunchuk...I have purcahased wii motion plus and nunchuk and nunchuk is not working what should I do... and can you give me the wii bios games are running at 25 fps and my system is very good ...core I 5 ,8 gb ram ,gtx 650......please try to solve my problem...
    Wo bhai sahab abhi tak "Kushiyon" wali baat pe phansay huay hain. And he is bashing every other who doesn't agree with him, as he is superior to them.

    Then he talk about Ramzan being Inamaat (rewards) ka month. (he takes it bit too literally ... apparently counting tangible rewards).

    That would be the TL;DR :p
    Go to your PG Settings > General Settings > Choose the "Standard Editor" instead of Enhanced.

    And you quoted me. Wanted to say something? :)
    aa Rates for solar panel vary between Rs 50-450/watt depending on the type, made and country of origin. Related stuff is a Solar battery charger which can be either PWM (good enough for upto 400W systems) or MPPT charger (better efficiency but expensive).

    you can use Solar Panel to charge your UPS battery in Hybrid system.

    rates can be found in this thread Solar Panel Price thread. - Engineering Corner - WiredPakistan :: A Pakistani Tech forum

    Looks kewl but after platting borderlands, i have had nuff of RPGS :p for a loooooooooooooong time
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