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  • guess what bro Political threads(about MQM specificaly) are not allowed on PG but they are allowed on everyhere else so i will spread the truth somewhere else :p
    Walaikum as salam

    I've never used Hall sensors myself but I have a vague idea.
    1. They're not expensive. Pretty sure they can be bought for around 100 Rs./unit.
    2. Depends upon the part number and type. I'm sure most Hall Effect sensors can handle a few kHz easily.
    3. Yup. Head over to a big I.C shop. Not sure where the electronics market is in Karachi but I saw a few in the Saddar area the other day. Near that Nimko shop.

    Yeah a Hall sensor RPM meter would definitely be more accurate, or so I think. Infrared LED + Photo transistor design would also work absolutely fine.
    Nope, I just had inter-school mid terms.
    I'm giving my IGCSE exams (Pak Studs, Urdu, Islamiyat) in Oct/Nov 2015 only because of some issues with my passport so I couldn't submit my CIE application for May/June exams.
    Unfortunately, the current PC drivers don't support audio pass through via the controller's stereo jack, but it is something that is being worked on. Will be implemented in a future update.
    Dude i wanna convert .sav files generated by dolphin into .gci ones and then use it to merge it into a .raw mem card so that i can transfer data from FE POR to FE RADIANT DAWN..... do you know any way i can do this? I can't open the save file through emulator :/
    Thanks Shary! :)

    I'm thinking of starting another playthrough as well. Hoping for the Wii U's price to drop soon so that I can get one along with a copy of Xenoblade.

    Speaking of which, I don't see you post as often as you used. Busy with studies?
    That is why I suggest Team dont have to be too active on forum, just write 200-300 words on something which you already enjoy and we will post it. simple.
    I understand being a mod means being online everyday for 2,3 hours but with Team UG, you can churn out a couple of small articles per month.
    Well that is my proposal, its your decision I dont want to pressure you.

    Take care man!
    thanks man. do you remember our convo about coming to team UG? gotten a bit free?
    Not much of a difference. The Sixaxis doesn't have rumble support, while the DS3 does. Both have sixaxis functionality.

    Also, since it doesn't have rumble motors, the sixaxis is a little lighter than the DS3.
    Bro considering the new price 13k ill let it go for 10k final no less then that. I can ship for free that I can do.
    But if you're using side-by-side, the TV should be telling you that it's 1080p, not 720p. Once you enable side-by-side 3D from the Tridef menu, you should see the screen divided into two instances of your game, one on the left and one on the right. Then, you enable side-by-side mode from your TV's menu. Check the output resolution after that.

    Also, glad to see you're enjoying the 3D experience. Under the right circumstances, it truly is remarkable. :)

    If you haven't seen the movie Gravity yet, all I can tell you is that you're in for a real treat once it's out on blu-ray.

    Btw, did you buy Tridef? Or are you using an earlier cracked version?
    Why don't you run your 3D games in side-by-side mode? That way, you get better image quality compared to 720p. The option is there in Tridef.
    The LG M3400 is pretty good. In fact, even the input lag on this one isn't much. 35ms including response time (check here: Display Lag's Input Lag Database: Best HDTVs & Monitors for Gaming). If you exclude response time, you get something in the 20s, which is pretty decent.

    I would suggest that you go for this one. People who recommend Active 3D don't realize that Passive 3D is much more convenient and practical.

    At the end of the day, this is a personal decision to make. You need to experience 3D on both Passive and Active 3DTVs and see what works best for you. When testing the Samsung TV, make sure to keep the Active 3D glasses on for a while, so that you can get a fair idea of the eye strain it induces.
    Heh thanks. :)

    LG's passive 3DTVs are really good. In fact, Sony's passive 3DTVs are using LG panels. The only issue is that LG TVs usually suffer from a lot of input delay, even in Game Mode.
    Yeah, I wouldn't recommend that Orient TV either, not just because of the brand name, but because Sony and Samsung's 3D tech is in a mature state. Plus, they're the industry leaders in terms of picture quality.
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