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  • i dont sell faulty stuff or fraud people.Leopards recommends to send games through flyers so thats what i do..i dont have control over them.still if u doubt me ..u should not buy from me in future
    Aslamualaikum, I live in Bahria and want to buy your Mortal kombat from you. Is the quality of the cd good? Give me some info so I can send you the cash
    i think u mean premium SELLER membership? if yes then u can read all the details here, PakGamers - Marketplace Premium Subscription for applying or more details, Drop an email to Jshak [email protected]
    I'm interested in Disgaea 3 and Eternal Sonata, PM me your final price please.
    i haven't bought a ups yet... i plan to in a month or so... if you want to go for computer ups then try something with has a sinewave output... simulated or pure... there are american APC branded ups available which are affordable if you buy them second hand... but the real problem is backup... if you want hours of backup then you need heavy batteries with it and they can some money... even more than ups... i like deep cycle dry batteries but they are a lot more expensive than wet batteries...
    brother i was commenting on vmart service dont knw about the rates and all since the thing which i bought was available only on vmart thats why i opted for that.. though i knw that vmart is expensive comparing the market rate...
    well i have 4MB ptcl connection i get max 410kbps ! price i pay is around 2500rs i think
    Haven't watched them.
    Animes I really loved other than Code geass and death note were Baccano!!, Darker than black, Trigun, Gurren lagann and MY second Favourite anime FULL METAL ALCHEMIST.
    Yep, another super awesome Anime, really like 'L' :p , seems like you also like him seeing he is on your DP :)
    The plotting and thinking in Death Note is unmatched
    Yep, Code Geass is my favourite anime series :D.
    And Lelouch is really awesome, one of my favourites, really love his speeches, his plans and his power.
    selvaria bles is from valkyria chronicles. both anime and PS3 game with the same title, RTS game
    same problem! i dont get into animes any more as they take up too much time... the thing about gundam fillers is... that theres a battle for 15 min wich ends in a stalemate... no one loses and teh remaining 5 min advance the plot... so that part sucks!
    hmm... ur kind of right abt monster in that sense... and his speeches are really great true... now gundam seed has one MAJOR problem... too much filler time... they stretch the story accross 50 episodes wen it could have easily been wrapped up in 40 episodes around 10 episodes are watsed on random mecha fights (which sucks bad) :(
    haha it is srsly too hard to find ppl who have my type of tastes. personally i love DN the most then comes code geass due to msotly the fact that how one person literally writes the history of the world :) also gundam seed s1 had some pretty emotional moments for me. Samurai X was a masterpiece only prob was that the ppl who made the anime included a lot of fillers... also i liked monster as it really reaches deep down and makes you feel uneasy... you always feel theres something wrong going to happen any minute
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