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  • As comitted on SMS and phone calls, I am going to ship Sky Vega A850 to you home address via TCS with special handling.
    You are supposed to pay Rs. 20000 plus half shipment charges after recieving the package.
    The package include phone, charger, cable, battery, handsfree, flip cover, one protector applied and one extra screen protector.

    Wishing for successful deal.
    lol dude i dont organize these tournaments...all information you need can be found in the "phadaybaaz" section of PG. I just got invited to this one tourney recently...so i got you in on it...post it in the SF4online matches section and someone will fill you in.
    I think theres one going on ..its the coming (tomorrow) sunday at solid clan .. registrations are rs.500 , thats just through a text message i got..I personally wont be attending it through as iam busy with stuff.
    the keyboard or the chillsteam ....

    if u are talking aout the chill steam its for ps3 ...keyboard can be connected to any pc
    bro just PM the password before deactivating the account so it wont be a problem for me see the thread again its updated now
    dude PM me name of games which you wants me to arrange it for u. i got a 3 games request so ill get it in this week hopefully ....
    If u have just started animes then u will enjoy it,there a lot of new animes and some really classic ones too. But first catch upto naruto and bleach if ur interested.
    Watch the first arc of bleach where they go to soul society to rescue rukia,if u dont like it then just quit
    well i know exatcly what u mean but ignoring SOME of the filler arcs,blach is just awesome.Watch it and u will know what i mean,i have watched it a few DOZEN times,and as for naruto,its also awesome.The manga is going really good too but keep in mind that there are timez in EVERY anime/manga that it feels like the plot is going no where or its too slow but after a while it will pick and become awesome
    aray bhi asay hi puch raha tha kafi dinoo say ap say bath nahen hiwi is liay :) sure no problem
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