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  • Clear you inbox.
    As for the PM,

    First of all, give me a little background about yourself, past working experiences and such.
    i meant with a graphics card...does it work with a seperate gfx card or even that does not work?
    is ur mobo giving display with pci-e card? also do you hear any beeps on the pc speaker if yes count them and interpret them or let me know what they are!
    :) Please dil kharaab na karo yaar. Its very hard for me to let go of my 5530. It does everything I want it to do perfectly yet...

    Well the C6-01 has a fixed focus camera... that means its crap, as I'm sure you know that pixel count isn't all that matters.
    The OS... The processor... Good, but not great. The thickness... Grr. I'm so bummed out right now.

    Wave has a great processor, and an OS that is in its initial stages. What worries me is that... the 1.0.2 firmware isn't out for PK even though the phone has been officially launched.
    the android thread specifically says for android users ! while the other isnt man! what else is there to understand ? the offtopic android vs symbian debate was more than 3 pages long, im not saying u had to do with it but all other ppl including it was that much long ! so if u posted 2 or 3 times why are u interested to get those posts back ? just let it be man... arguements arent gonna solve anything here ! lol

    ur PM is full man
    sorry but forgot what i was buying from uu....dont u mind remindig me...havent come online in a while...
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