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  • Hey Man, I follow your blog why dont you update it? :(

    Also Have you released any games yet ever since starting work as an indie game dev??
    hey are you a Halo fan.. if so I need help with the Halo 3 recon.. gamertag is Ardaa Zafars.. please add me if ur interested..
    Yeah, I met Adil because we had some common friends (in uni) - and then I find out he's your cousin too! lol which was weird.

    and thanks for the encouragement! :) I'll definitely try my hand at a proper blog-thing sometime...
    " @arsal: very well written dude.. an advice, open up a proper blog and im pretty sure you can get well known in pk for your blogging skills.."

    Thanks :> I thought about the blog thing once, but I'unno, maybe if I get enough time I'll do it... since uni is kind of derailing my usual activities!

    (btw now I've met/befriended three of your cousins, haha. Fayaz, Faraz, and Adil :p funny)
    you wanna know why i have that opinion about him ? Twice or thrice he said some really bad stuff in his shows. He said some insulting remarks about Imam Hussain AS and went as far as to say that Yazeed was on the right path. He said this not just once, but twice or thrice. I even have that televised show saved somewhere. Ill let you know the date or somethin of it so that you can check for yourself. ANYONE who says that stuff is seriously a hypocrite and I hope he dies the same way Yazeed did.
    The Previous link i posted it also shows you how to do how to map those roads i hope it is helpfull enough if your asking something elese show me the image for example what your gonna achieve will clear up my mind or i will understand better :)
    Happy birthday bro!!!

    May allah give u a properous n long life!!!

    Happy birthday!!!
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