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  • Hahaha. There was just so much that was wrong in that thread. I couldn't help it!

    Thanks, by the way.
    Oh yeah bro I remember you....Actually I'm having prob with my PS activation and not using it since two months....There is one more member KILLERDONS (my cousin). I think he can make one sig for you...He is very good with sigs...
    u need to have 1 game which u bought whether its a 1$ game to use Friends feature in Steam
    and i dont know about apb
    i am not even gonna dignify you with a reply you little shit =) i also reported your comment to the mods so watch your mouth you brat
    Not sure bro. Your graphics card is the problem. It MIGHT run but expect it to be too much laggy.
    Here's a sig for you . Hope you like it........Sorry I can't find any good pic of Marcus so added Dom :)

    Before you even Start:

    Can this be done to all motherboard revisions?
    Yes, all motherboard revisions are vulnerable to this hack. But the dashboard update on August 10, 2009 patched this hack. Some consoles that were manufactured or refurbished around June/July already have the patch applied. Which is why some kernels are not vulnerable.

    How do I know what kernel version I have?

    In the dashboard go to System Settings>Console Settings then scroll down to System Info. Your kernel version is shown here. In this picture the 360 has the 8955 kernel applied. This example is not vulnerable.

    well where do u live ? if u live in karachi then u can call him up 03002280482 and get him totell where to meet etc to give him the console etc..
    sorry no idea of from where in karachi but do contact incredibulous aka yasir, he does modding etc in karachi :)
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