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  • Its already sold. We sold it for Rs. 18k. We hava a Guyro Fernandes 40W amp though for Rs. 15k. Also have a Marshall 30W. Thats for 14k.
    I had a couple of Marshall 30Ws. Outta stock for those at the moment. I have plenty of bigger amps though: Peavy 110W, ELK 110W, Guyro 80W. A couple of Tube amps as well. Depends what your budget is, then I can recommend you one accordingly.
    LOL! A Fender with "Fender" sticker all over it! I'd get suspicious as well.

    But I guess it looks okay. He's just changed the pickups from single-coils to humbuckers (which he should be shot for personally), but apart from that I don't see anything "Custom Shop" about it.

    Go check it out; if it plays well then why not?

    Serial numbers are your best friends here. I did a little research and the serial number is on the back of the neck where it meets the body:


    You can double check the serial number on the Fender site as well:

    oh i see what you mean, PMs. yeah kinda weird but they filled up quickly in a couple of months =s

    deleted some messages, happy? =P
    phew! Well thats good to know. Although i was sure of myself that i haven't said anything offensive but your silence towards my comments got me a bit worried so i thought i'd apologize.

    But good to know that nothing's wrong here....and btw, i wasn't talking about your guitar skills :p They're great actually.
    I believe i said some harsh comments in the LIVE chat back there. I sincerely apologize if i offended you in anyway and that i'll be careful in the future...

    I'll be thankful if you will forgive me...
    hahahah you definetely stand you talk like a total white person XD

    well really then hmm what am i supposed to interpret from "ELECTRIC GUITAR ON EPIC DISTORTION!!!!" :p
    hahaha dude i don't think you have to worry about getting famous yesterday we were all like OMGZ AIK GORA AGAYA BHAGAO! :p :p

    mann it'll be sick rock on can't wait to hear it :)
    bhahahaah! dude your recording was great :lol: like totally man procrastination rocks (y)

    but now that thread will die cuz we got live chat :D
    We got kids here n such too ... plus the Chatbox is like THE first thing here ... and there are LOAAAAADS of Guests on Pakgamers at any given time.

    Glad you understand, unbanned from Shoutbox.
    Jeez, dont you notice the notice on the shoutbox ? Thora lehaaz karo! Shoutbox is the first thing any new person sees on Pakgamers!
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    Major Aly Major Aly: That means their casting in a porn parody would've been much better :p