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    Download>Run the program> Click on Image Tools> Get Region> Select ISO>Region Window will appear > SMS me the region:)
    Weapons that are not allowed:
    • Weapons: Shotguns, Grenade launchers.
    • Weapon Attachments: Grenade launcher, Rapid Fire, Shotgun, Heartbeat Sensor & Akimbo.
    • Lethal: Bouncing Betty, Claymore, and C4.
    • Tactical: Scrambler, Tactical Insertion, And Portable Radar.
    • No using the following perks: Blind Eye, Blast Shield, Assassin and Overkill.
    • Players must set their Death Streak to Juiced.
    • Kill streak Restrictions:
    • Assault Package: Care Package, Sentry Gun, AC-130, Juggernaut.
    • Support Package: Remote Turret, Juggernaut Recon, Escort Airdrop.
    • Rocket Launchers
    Lobby Settings
    • Spectating: Disabled
    • Friendly Fire: Disabled
    • Forced Respawns: Enabled
    • Wave Spawn Delay: None
    • Respawn Delay: None
    • Radar Always On: Disabled
    • Max Health: Normal
    • Health Regeneration: Normal
    • Kill Cam: Disabled
    • Headshots Only: Disabled
    • Third Person View: Disabled
    • Allow Perks: Enabled
    Rules for Modern Warfare 3 ( 4 VS 4 )
    Registration fee is non-refundable
    Match would A Team Death Match
    Each match will consist of two rounds of 10 minutes each.
    Final Match would be of 20 minutes.
    Maps: Dome, Fallen, Underground
    No visitors would be allowed during the tournament.
    Game would be restart in the case of any technical issue.
    Teams would have to follow the scheduled matches.
    Team would be forfeited from the tournament if they would late.
    Any type of misbehave would not be tolerated.
    Decision that would be made from our side would be final and unchangeable.
    Match abhi Saturday ko hai. Mein zara University ki enrollment mein busy tha... Ajj Ahmed ki taraf se Thursday ke katam ke baad teri taraf chakar maron ga. 6:30 ke kareeb. Ok.
    Mein ne abhi hdd ka thread bana na hai rate lagwane ke liye...Mein raat tak thread banata hon...Rs1700 ki tu mujhe Modmonsta de raha hai aur shipping ke sath Rs 2200 tak ki ho jae gi..
    Just make an account the way you made your first account (using different Windows Live email address), and all will be well. It'll ask you that you have one month more of Gold Subscription, do you want it, you'll have to accept that.
    Cashout kiya bagair bhi ho sakta hai. Likn mujhe uske bare mein pata nahi kyun ki mein kud regular user hon

    Acha graph ke uper likha ho ga "YOUR PAYMENT" us per click kar aur tujh se pin code mange ga. Woh de de aur cash out karwale..
    Laptop ki hard lage gi. 120 GB wali...Likn uske liye aik HDD CASE chahiye hota hai...Likn aik case ke begair bhi tareka hai uske liye Face To Face conversation karne pare gi.
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