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  • That makes me wonder if there are credible, updated resources (free/cheap) out there that will enable me to get the job done on my own without the assistance of a mentor next session. You think that's possible? Could you quote any?

    Since these so-called mentors are rip=offs, a teacher recommended privately working through a Bachelors (be it BA/B.Com) and sit the exams after 6 months since she believes that won't be an issue for me. That kinda baffles me because BA isn't even close to the kind of content we study in the ACCA. B.Comm might be closer but the course spans 2 years for a reason, I thought. How could I possibly finish it in 6 months on my own and sit the exams? Perhaps that's why she suggested BA in the first place. Then again, that won't exactly say much about my skills if I combine that with my ACCA.
    Hello, pakiyoungster and thanks for your response in the CA thread. I have been asking this around so I thought you would also be the right person to ask for assistance in this regard.

    I will be attempting my final 3 ACCA papers next month, Inshallah. I just wanted to ask you if OBU degree is still worth a shot if my marks for the required fundamental exams average in the early 60s? Would it be a good idea to try and acquire the degree, regardless of what class I achieve (first, upper, lower, third) or should I only proceed if I am certain I will be able to achieve first or upper class?

    The institute where I study, the so-called mentors are rather poor with their own reading and writing skill so I don't suppose they will do a good job at actually 'mentoring' me. I bet a good amount of fee is charged by institutions for this kind of stuff so if I add this fee to what ACCA charges me, I am easily looking at an expense of Rs. 50k.
    What is your rate for Payza $ and is there a minimum limit?

    Please reply by PM your inbox is full.
    contact me and please tell me your bank account details
    i msged you several time on wednesday and thursday
    contact me 0323-2003773
    Bro how much for this with sipping to here? - GIGABYTE GV-N770WF3-4GD GeForce GTX 770 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready SLI Support WindForce 3X 450W Video Card
    It costs 386$ with shipping i think,thats 41.7K.
    Aslam o alikum bro pls update my trade score our deal went final on 6/10/2013 and i gave you trade score on the same day but to this date have not received mine pls update mine thankyou.....
    Bro, I wanna get BF4 from you. Clear up some queries for me. Is it a key or will you give another account? Can't I activate on my current origin account? And do you give the key/account instantly or near the release date?
    Salam, i don't know if you're selling i5 2500k in 14k or was it somebody else
    was some paki guy though
    here's my no 0301-5210595, want i5 2500k, let me know if u have it
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