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  • Hi, Salam.

    yep! still into gaming although I might prefer VR, CV type applications now.

    I am working in Unity3D these days. I think best tool for Indie Developer these days. So No Java really.

    These are some recent Mobile Games.
    Jump Rope -
    Galaxy Blast - (iOS) , (Android)

    Whats your Project about? Professional or just for fun!

    Nope. I didn't see it. But, the price tag is pretty good. I won't buy it on launch like i did with PS3, but yes, PS4 is definitely the console of choice this time around as well.
    Ramsay will die for sure. These super villians type characters like Lord Tywin or Balon Greyjoy or Joffery eventually die. But Theon IMO will be a survivor till the end of the books. Though I do wish his misery ends.
    Sorry for the extremely late reply but I can't view VMs in tapatalk :/
    For some reason, I saw Robb's death coming while reading the Storm of Swords. For series watchers, it would have been far more unexpected because of the sudden way in which it came to happen. Jon's death was also quite unpredictable for me( if he did die). One moment he was the king on the north, and about to save the Stark name and the next, 4 stabs in his back :crying:
    Lol the series watchers are saying that they are extremely shocked over the death of robb and Catelyn. I wonder what they will say when they kill Jon Snow. He was even better handled and was a complete badass by the time the 5th book was over. Though I wonder, is he really dead? :confused:

    All in all, a fantastic episode. Much better than blackwater. Totally worth the two weeks waiting period.
    Yes, whenever I find time for them.

    FYI, you do have my mail address. Lol Why did you tell Raza you aren't in contact with me?
    Gujrat. After that I have just been busy.

    Good. I bet your finals must be close?
    is sshah alive? are you in contact with him? i need his advise on something important....
    I thought you had. :{

    I have been pretty busy as well. How are the studies going?
    Where did my particle go? You deleted me. :'<

    Waisay zinda Jawaid hain aap?
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