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    MULTI The Elder Scrolls 6 confirmed as Xbox and PC exclusive The Elder Scrolls 6 confirmed as Xbox and PC exclusive Phil Spencer discussed ZeniMax's acquisition and the future of its titles Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that the upcoming The Elder...
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    MULTI Forza Horizon 5 (PC|Xbox, November 9, 2021) - Riders on the Storm

    yaar yeh game Ufff hai... super fun to play, excellent set pieces, nice gamemodes..great game some of the best vegetation ever, specially considering Farcry 6 was also portraying latin america and had really great vegetation aswell
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    MULTI What's going on? 4 upcoming AAA games by Chinese devs all look phenomenal

    What's going on? 4 upcoming AAA games by Chinese devs all look absolutely phenomenal. Mostly unreal engine powered, I think the older outsourcing studios working for western devs are are now creating their own IPs.
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    PORTABLE Valve delays the Steam Deck into 2022

    Hades is a perfect game for steamdeck
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    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    perfect ..thanks
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    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    bhiya kuch reasonable solution 4 dongles and use them all se thora behtar - is Zong still better in internet in from of all others. @Shary Bhallu TC @EternalBlizzard need some advice here
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    [OT] .::The Official 3G/4G LTE Thread::.

    boys @murtaza12 I need super stable internet with almost 100% uptime rate for a month. I need to work from home in Karachi. Need to be decently fast speed, but even if electricity goes away, it is still leaning towards 4G ...any suggestions ?
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    Best Budget TV for PS5 in Pakistan

    any good used TV marketplace ?
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    Best Budget TV for PS5 in Pakistan

    Need the currently best budget TV / monitor for PS5 - Price range is around 1 Lakh. Looking for 120HZ / 100hz and lowest possible latency. Anything above 30 inches. The tech doesn't matter, but it shouldn't look completely terrible. @CerebralTiger @Necrokiller @iampasha @venom idea ?
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    Playstation [OT] God of War | Ragnarok is the finale in the Norse saga

    waisay seriously, never once I thought on my 2 playthroughs that "This needs a keyboard and mouse"..I think a controller is still the best option for GOW
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    PC [Rumor] Bloodborne is coming to PC, port handled by external studio

    I didnt know this existed. Is this confirmed?
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    [OT] The Movies Thread III: Watch, Discuss and Have Fun! No Open Spoilers!

    @manigamer do we want a Netflix and Chill thread ? Squid game, Formula 1, Office, great movies and shows.
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