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    How much difference does 'Fast Path' for Online Gamers by PTCL actually make?

    Well you are getting errors and DSL is syn on high speed. Try to remove some VDSL profiles to get opted speed range.
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    Fariya ISP webtv,smart tv channels list..??

    Still interested in the info?
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    PG's Torrent Invites & Open Sign-Ups Thread v3 || [Read FIRST POST]

    bhai mujhay kisi bhi achay private torrent ka invite send ker do.
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    Fariya price increased

    I am paying 1000 Rs for 3Mbps. Is there any portal other than
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    Teaming up/ paternership for game dev projects

    I have not completed any, but taucgt myself from different tutorials. What I am looking is motivation as working alone makes me to loose motivation after some time. Some project's pics are attached, one brick game which I worked on it so much is some how corrupted so no snapshot of it.
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    Fiber Connection in F.B Area Block 10

    Wateen is providing fiber connection.
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    Hey Let's make a game! :D

    I am interested.
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    Want To Buy 4th Generation PC

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    Guideline to enter in gaming world

    Don't ruin your game programming experience by going development without tools using direct programming language and developing simple games with complex and time consuming algorithms. What you need is game engine. Try to use Unity game engine. It easiest of all and plus its free. Tons of...
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    DEAD ISLAND Multiplayer ON LAN

    Tunggle, I am using for years, Its very nice. Hope I play Dead Island soon.
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    PTCL (wingle) Fair Usage Now Unfair

    Pathetic policy makers in PTCL, They commit Azadi Package with the term forever, but it did not last for even for one year.
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