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    Want To Sell PS4 fat 500GB | HDMI cable | 2x controllers | GTA V, FIFA18, Farcry Primal

    PS4 fat 500GB for sale in good condition. It includes: 1x original HDMI cable 1x power cord 2x original PS4 controllers 3x games (GTA V, FIFA18, Farcry Primal) Price: 36000 (Price is Final) Location: Islamabad Contact: 0308-5042211 (Call after 04:00 pm) Message inquiries on WhatsApp
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    [Important] Report PakGamers 2.0 Feedback, Issues or Bugs Here (BETA Soft Launch)

    Awesome and well deserved update. Feels smooth, content loads faster, new interface is cool. Congratulations to whole team! 🕺
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    High refresh rate 1080p second hand Gaming monitors in pindi/ Islamabad?

    Your best bet is to place an ad online here in PG.
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    Gfx Card is not working when login to window

    Did you try using older drivers that came with the GPU or one that worked last time. Disable windows automatic driver installation.
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    GPU Repair Shop/Service

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    Is my gpu busted?

    Well I don't mean to hijack this thread. But exactly the same thing happened with my R9 270. Computer will freeze (usually vertical grey lines, sound also stops after 3,4 seconds of freeze) during load and only option was to restart the PC. Then after 2,3 weeks PC won't boot if GPU is plugged...
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    SOLD FREE: PSUs, Motherboard, GPU

    All items reserved and will be shipped today. :popcorn2:
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    seriously 3.0 i9 9900k 2080Ti watercool build

    Awesome, this setup looks great! (y) P.S. I you want to throw away your old stuff just let me know. :hah:
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    Laptop Replacement Screen

    One thing most of the guys are missing that, almost each laptop these days comes with multiple specs. Like budget version of same laptop will have i3 and HD resolution, while the i7 version will have full HD resolution. Just visit the local market and ask for the replacement screen. Otherwise...
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    [NH] How to restrict bandwidth for wifi

    This makes me sad! :( Although it does have option for QOS settings per IP basis but it is very hectic procedure (requires to enter each and every IP address) plus some of the parameters are not well known to me. BTW how much will it cost me?
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