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  • hey hello!
    i saw your message in lums decisions thread. You had 6As and still got into LUMS. Can I get to know that how your SSE went?
    I gave it this Feb. I have 8As in O level and my test went midway of average and good.
    Why are you again and again thinking of 100% utilization mate . Forget the 100% you are using the latest Processor with 4 Cores and 4 threads . And i am pretty sure none of your application squeeze this much from your processor . Even though while running Vmware myself 5 Operating System at one time this baby doesnt reach 50 % load so just enjoy your new rig
    Well while using the integrated graphics temps goes high because there is no builtin graphic on board .
    Graphics are in the proc chip thats the reason when u do gaming on IGPU temps goes hottttiee

    Maazrat for late reply was busy in some stuff .
    Idle stays between 40 42 C . Due to my bad Air flow casing and on load it might be 50 to 60 may be .
    Core i5 2300 is really a cool chip .

    How much temps are you experiencing
    idle around 37c and Prime95 load is 57c
    i am using CM TX3 cooler which almost one of the lowest end coolers with a 92mm fan
    my room temp. around 30~31c

    see below:-

    its better to remove the motherboard from the case to check the HSF from both ends or you can remove both sides of the case instead
    First tell me which motherboard you have because some motherboards have Mini HDMI input for which I have got no cables :(...

    If it is a 0.6 inch port, then it would work.
    if you really want to use usb III & sata III then its good option other then that msi is better
    if you maange to get a msi or asus motherboard then it will be much better for you. no need to spend extra or equal for intel mobo
    also antec psu is very good and the whole setup is good to go
    Intel Core i3 2100>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>11000
    msi h61-e23 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>6900
    ram gskill ripjaws>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>4800
    hdd segate 500gb>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>3800
    ANTEC BP500U 500WATTS >>>>>>>5000
    cm elite 333>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>2000
    so would i b able to find anytihng cheaper there then what they r at czone and galaxy?
    ripjaws nd xigmatek is not available in hafeez centre ,rest stuff like processor,ram nd mobo u can find these things in hafeez centre
    plzz mention which stuff u wana buy???
    Everything is going fine
    currently not gaming
    as exams in less than 3 weeks
    PC is working perfectly fine on normal usage
    Thanks bro
    best of luck for ur exams
    i bought, pro for 11200, mobo for 6700 and ram for 4100
    next upgrade would be GPU but probably in July after my exams :)
    i didn't go for H67 chip mobo because i was short on budget and i have no plan of using SSDs so i don't need sata 6Gbpx and also no need for usb 3.0
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