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  • My advice is to give it for free...

    You already have a ridiculous price tag.
    Never sell anything which one could've gotten for free.

    I have the key that I sent you and if your PC can't run it, I can take it back and give it to someone else.
    Nice timing. I just logged in to get your address. :)

    Finally shelled out 30 mins to go.

    Had you been in Lahore you'd have seen how much the damn traffic is =)
    Perfect. Hit me with your address and I'll have em photocopied and send them today or tomorrow. You can pay me the photocopy charges later via telenor cards/easy load.
    No. As a matter of fact, I don't.

    I know from these many exams in life that arrogance, and over confidence are two things that kill.
    Despite having one of the few A*s (13 out of 115), I'm acting normally, trying to console those who didn't, and sadly enough, the other 11 i've met all day, are fucking deplorable. Putting salts on the wounds of those who didn't get it and all that. Bull shit.

    As far as celebrating is concerned, this was nothing mate. The main 'celebration' is yet to come with the bigger bird; May June 2012 if I get the As, inshAllah.
    And how did I celebrate? By doing Add Math. >.<

    Sometimes, in life, you've to arrange your priorities. You'll know what I'm talking about when you're giving your finals.
    Oh, and now I can comment on the tips and tricks distincting the A*s and As from the Bs and Cs.

    I assure you, I hadn't studied a WORD from Section C.
    I assure you, I had just read the books for all the subject once.
    I assure you, I had not done rote study.

    Then comes, where did the grades come from? Merely and merely past papers. All you need to do is study loads and loads of marking schemes, examiner reports and do the past papers, and inshAllah you'll get A*s.

    Oh, and my friends who rote studied the past papers and the books got Bs and aroudn 5 of them, Cs.
    Ask me that tomorrow at 5 am.

    And they're crap so don't bother with em. Most likely to get a B in Pak Studies. A very effed up paper with weird questions in history.
    I'm not sure about it.
    I can get the photocopies done and send it and then let you know if you're interested.
    Hey. I've got the notes I made with me. However, they are the originals and too much to scan. Do you wan't me to have them photocopied and TCS/LCS it to you? I'll take the photocopy and courier charges later via telenor mobile cards/easyload. Let me know if this seems workable to you or not.
    Please VM me with a reminder in 1-2 days. Have an exam tomorrow so likely to not remember!
    No chance for a Sunday, but meet-ups are always planned on Saturdays. So yes, people will have to manage instead of whining :p
    People are gonna have to deal with the loadshedding issues because the loadshedding continues throughout the weekend and there possibly cannot be a meet-up on weekdays.
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