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  • Assalam Asim, Happy Eid Mubarak to u and ur family , and may Allah made ur eid great and all ur wishes can true.
    Ur Friend Asim
    hey bro wat r u talkin abt that u r sayin late mat karo, i jus checkd ma account so das y im askin
    You can explain to problem to me in a private message. If the matter is serious enough i'll convey it to the admin.
    listen bro dont tell me such things what i have to do.your thread is merged with the movie section.check it before making any stupid replies..
    Why don't you ask it himself? I don't know if he'd mind me sharing it so it'll be best if you ask for it yourself.
    I'm afraid you'll have to ask either Jazzy or one of the global mods about this....I only moderate the Playstation section
    i have no idea man, u should cosult with the appropriate mod of the section u can see whos moderating the section at the bottom of that pages section :)
    well that's great but don't get too ahead of yourself and just a pointer:don't start to post everything that's out there on the web otherwise it won't be appreciated.Best of luck (y)
    Nope,look at Paparoach need to be highly active here aswell as post very useful stuff.Apart from that you'd have to be respected and well known here to become a mod and that also means that you need to behave yourself and set an example for other members to follow.In simple words just be active here,be positive with all the other members,post good topics,show intelligent behaviour in your posts and you'll be alright (y)
    Try to behave well and you won't get banned. And a permanent ban can only result from a major offense. 2 warnings don't mean you leave PG or make duplicate account. In fact, making duplicate accounts is a serious offense here.

    Just behave well and it'd go well. And in case you do get banned, I don't think it'd be a long one. First bans aren't long ones unless the offense is something huge. Have a look at the rules.

    About the game engine, what is your programming skill level? In which languages are you fluent? C++, C#?
    signature is like your tag line which is shown with every message you post can also be applied in emails...every mail youll sent will have your signature with it... you can have it a text message or a typical graphical bar whicah can be created with any image editing software i used photoshop though!
    tell u abt signatures??? what to tell you ...1 what is signature or how to creat one???
    Devil may cry series , Re5 , ST4 , GTA series , Ninja Gaidens series & GOD series
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