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    Need help Regarding my pc

    Usually a faulty board gives beeps.If there is no signal at all,you can try 1)Take out the battery (which you did) 2)Try shorting the power switch on board instead of power button 3)Different PSU 4)GPU cable(dvi hdmi whatever) 5)Different Gpu 6)Use only one ram and the ram of which you are sure...
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    PC Need advice,

    Its the price from a shop keeper so not really a good deal.And depending on GPU you are going to bound with this processor it may or may not be your so called future proof since I really dont believe in this term.Try finding a used 10th gen i5..That will definitely last your longer..
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    Best Vega 64 price(s) in Pakistan

    Absolute Stupidity.Even in the current market a 3070 ti is available for 170k.Paying 150k for a card whose performance is on par with gtx 1080.And that too Used,Extremely power hungry with max temps in the 90s....
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    PC Suggestions for PC upgrade

    [ Since its a 60hz monitor spending a lot on processor doesnt make any sense unless you wish to upgrade it in the furure.Remember its your CPU which pushes the fps.And any good quad core with Hyperthreading like yours can push 60 fps(atleast for some time). Ultimately its your choice.If I...
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    PC Suggestions for PC upgrade

    There are various aspects of these combinations.If you pair a 3070ti with i7 4790 then it will cause bottleneck at higher refresh rates so if you like to play some of next gen games at higher resolutions and refresh rates that will not be possible.If you dont care about refresh rates ,just want...
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    PC Possible to build an average gaming PC for 70-90K?

    I have the following complete pc available for sale. Processor-Ryzen 2700 Mobo-Msi tomohawk B450 Ram-Corsair vengeance 16 gb (2*8) 3200 mhz Cpu cooler- coolermaster ma620p SSD-Transcend 230s 512 GB Psu-seasonic g series 550 watt gold rated case-corsair 100r silent edition Monitor-hp zr 224ow...
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    Want To Buy Good Stable PSU to buy

    XPG core reactor 650 would be the best for a 20k budget
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    Want To Buy Good Stable PSU to buy

    Budget?If you are not planning to heavily overclock then xpg pylon is the best budget psu.Its stable and since new it will last long enough..If you have 20k to spare then go for xpg core reactor or corsair Rmx series.Avoid psus from reddragon,T-dagger,thermaltake(budget ones) and corsair VS series.
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    PC Help regarding Rainbow Six Siege voice chat troubleshooting

    The one VPN which I had used alot in the past was hide me.It gives 2GB data a month for free ,so if it works and your ping is good use it just for gaming only.Hope this solves your problem.
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    PC Help regarding Rainbow Six Siege voice chat troubleshooting

    Maybe VOIP-Voice over Internet protocol is banned for this game.Same is for PUBG PC and I know its really frustrating.The only solution to this problem is VPN(cant say anything about ping though especially for free ones) or use WTFAST which is a GPN especially designed for games which works...
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    need suggestions

    You are getting for what you are paying..Asking if its a good deal?No its similar to what you will get in the market.
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    Want To Sell AMD RYZEN 2700 AMD R9 380x 4gb graphics COMPLETE GAMING PC and Monitor

    Please No messages for individual parts especially graphics card.
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