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    Query regarding custom duty on a phone from abroad

    Yo! I'm currently studying in Germany and was a bit short on cash after Nexus 5X finally died (RIP) and I found a great deal on a second-hand dual-sim Galaxy S9 on ebay-classifieds for 200 EUR. It had its own European anti-smuggling thing but the only thing that was needed was to make a 5-minute...
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    Laptop under 1 lac

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    Will visa Debit card (bank alfalah) work on steam ?

    Well, they have not 'blocked' international transactions per se but HBL very recently imposed a restriction on international transactions since 6th April, because of security reasons so you have to call their number to get them enabled, I'm not sure if it's permanent but maybe they reverted to...
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    What happened to pakgamers?

    Na, I visit very frequently, just don't post enough. Same on reddit. It's the lurker life for me. Haha yeah, I just graduated from SEECS-NUST in 2017, and Deso is the new Head of Department of Computing there, which is unbelievably cool. I'd have wished he was the head when I was still studying...
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    What happened to pakgamers?

    It's not 'dying' per se. It's just not active as before, and it is as everyone said. People don't have the time anymore, and whatever little time they do get, they spend it playing games. And it's not just PG, most forums are just becoming inactive in general. Guess it's a time thing though I...
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    [SOLVED] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- A Sequel Without Drama!! || [All is well!]

    Can't even stream Twitch in 160p. How low will we go?
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    Will visa Debit card (bank alfalah) work on steam ?

    I have an HBL debit card (a student one actually). Last year around March, they enabled online transactions for ALL HBL cards by default. Previously you'd have to call them to enable it for a few hours but now all HBL Debit/ATM/Credit cards work online by default everywhere.
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    Low FPS on GTX1080 at 1080p

    You didn't mention your monitor refresh rate. If it's 60Hz, I don't see what the problem is. If it's some 144 or 120Hz, then that could be an issue. You may also be running needless stuff in the background or have Chrome open with a bajillion tabs open. 6/10 people's PCs I use generally have so...
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    [SOLVED] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- A Sequel Without Drama!! || [All is well!]

    Anybody facing some kind of packet losses? My pings in dota are perfectly fine but getting random high packet losses in between for no reason, and makes the game stutter very awkwardly.
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    [SOLVED] .::The Official Mega PTCL Thread::. -- A Sequel Without Drama!! || [All is well!]

    Anybody else having serious issues in Islamabad? My internet has been working great for the past year or so but since yesteday, it's being completely disconnected every now and then, as in, my access point just DISAPPEARS. Even during dota, I can hear and see my friends playing but randomly stop...
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    HELP: Broadband in Rawalpindi!?

    I don't think any of these are available in Islamabad/Rawalpindi ._.
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    MULTI Which Game Do You Regret Spending Money On?

    Are we playing the same game? I was just done with all the endings and DLC yesterday and I would have loved to pay for this game if I could.
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    Any online poster printing shop?

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