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  • hey man, can you tell me where in MGS's menu is the language option? Mine is in fucking russian and only way to change is from in-game :(
    Like when u start in, is it the forth from top or something like that?
    AoA, Mate i am again in big trouble please please help me bro... I have downloaded dragon age Inquisition but not yet ran the game's setup because i have origin account with legit games on it and i fear that my origin account may get banned how to i bypass this check? kindly if you have any suggestion please tell me
    Mate the software you suggested, I used it that way : Decreased the FOV and minimized the software and then ran the game? Am i doing it Right?
    Dear Bro, Kindly tell me how to increase FOV in Evil Within, i googled it and found a small software of 3.4mb but i didnt solved the issue... please help me, current FOV is unbearable
    Hey just wanted to let you know, you need permission for providing a service. Better ask a mod before everyone starts trashing your thread :)
    Use this ENB to give a unique look to your skyrim.

    BLEAK ENB - UNBLEAK ENB at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim mods and community

    Use the "ngabber" version in Optional files. Version 0.188 is very highly recommended.
    ufff!! sony's service sucks big time..they took 3 days to reply..and apparently they dont know jack about MMOs...special keyboards/mouse etc are not allowed and i was banned cuz i use a razer naga :mad:
    fffffffffff!!! i was playing perfectly last night...then i stopped, played defiance and then went to sleep..woke up this morning around 8 to play DCUO again only to find out that i had been banned! usually SOE sends an email regarding the ban but i didnt get any and i had 2000 station cash in account too :(
    dude are you on EU servers of DCUO or US? im planning to download again and dont want to play alone :p
    Aslam o alikum !
    bro need help regarding BO2 so game runs fine till it reaches to a point where MENDEZ meets DEFALCO...its the same mission where ISI is also shown as terrorist organization my game just stucks where to persons are knocked unconscious,i tried the same mission plenty of times and it stucks on exact spot i would really appreciate your help,downloaded the SKIDROW version :(
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