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    Recommend Any graphic card repairer in lahore

    I am afraid none in Lahore. There are few repair shops in Hafeez center third floor but they only fix small problems like cooling fan installation etc. What exactly is your problem?
  2. Majawar

    need help in editing video

    I find Filmora to be friendliest software for beginners. But I personally prefer Power Director Android version. Of course you'll need a good android phone to use it smoothly but it saves videos in 4K with excellent video and sound quality.
  3. Majawar

    Any guide for solar panel installation?

    There are some good Solar solution companies which provide free consultancy regarding installation, working etc. Skyelectric is one of the companies. I don't have any personal experience but I've seen lots of advertisements of them around.
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    Theft in my home, how to make it safer?

    Good to know you are safe. I will personally prefer to lodge a FIR since its quite easy now to register. The Computerized FIR system has made things easy and swift. Just mention some cash stolen from some drawer etc to make it serious for Police. Other option is to install Security cameras and...
  5. Majawar

    Free ringtone Download

    Yes. There are many songs uploaded as ringtone in this app
  6. Majawar

    Need Suggestion on 360 AIO

    No problem and good to know. Enjoy your new upgrade (y)
  7. Majawar

    Antec Quattro 1200W Modular cables

    Sorry to hear that. So I bought 2x12V PCIE modular cables to run GTX 1070 on my PSU. Since my PSU didn't had two pin connectors but the PSU had the option of attaching extra 12V PCIE cables. After searching for whole day at Hafeez Center, I came across a shop which used to make custom PSUs for...
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    Need Suggestion on 360 AIO

    When it comes to 360 AIO CPU coolers I never thought anything can beat NZXT Kraken X72 around the price tag but then the performance of ML360R was reviewed by many PC experts. Pretty much everyone was amazed by the cooling capacity of this cooler. One point is that it comes with large size...
  9. Majawar

    Free ringtone Download

    Zedge is good app. I think its best. Other than that I have used Ringdroid quite while back. But later used Zedge to download tones.
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    PG's Torrent Invites & Open Sign-Ups Thread v3 || [Read FIRST POST]

    @Umair254 @NABAMB Guys kindly read the OP first and follow the rules. Stop spamming please (y)
  11. Majawar

    Good PSU on budget? (My old MWE 400 CooolerMaster gave out in just 10 months)

    I will recommend to go with a 500W PSU. Thermaltake Smart Series is a good option. A 500W Thermaltake Smart series will cost around 5K which is more than enough to be used. I always suggest to go with high quality and good watt PSU at the start because this component of PC doesn't need frequent...
  12. Majawar

    GPU no display output BIOS pcie slot is not populated

    The message PCIe slot is not populated is just saying that there is no GPU installed on Motherboard right now. I think your GPU is dead that is why the mobo is not recognizing.
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