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  • give me your fb profile..i will give u acccess to pg fb and you can manage the event
    "Sent Items contains 0 messages." I think you forgot to press the send button. Thus, didn't get any reply.
    I will take a look at this, but once we move to our server and get technology team to fix all the bugs hopefully most of the bigger stuff will go away otherwise i will have to steup everything individually
    Although I'm a PC gamer in that case I'd prefer Project 9X and reason is it's close to my place, we can order food or easily can access any food outlet easily which is just few steps away. So my vote is for Project 9X.

    P.S: The voting on the Meetup page is only showing voting results. No one can cast vote until or unless it is fixed.
    Alright count me in for Sunday then. IN SHA ALLAH I'll be there. Whatever the venue is.
    Can you send me the list of things you want me to add per option.

    Like which GZ has what things.
    Walaikum Asalam brother, yar agar Saturday ka scene howa tau chances 50/50 hain because mera University fellows k sath BBQ ka plan hai or agar Sunday ko howa tau count me in I'll be there.
    His username is no longer ahmad. He's Ranger Taffles now and I don't know if he's still in Lahore.
    Keep it in CCC till the meet. Move to the meetups section after the meetup. If you want to add a poll, let me know. Mods don't have the power to do it but I can add it for you.
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