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  • Justice indeed :'(

    Life catches on. Best of luck with your endeavours by the way. And do drop in from time to time.
    Thanks. My avatar is inspired by one of your earlier ones :p
    So how's life these days? Don't see you around much.
    Ohh well i saw the main highlights so its OK, btw what was there about god of war ? i heard god of wars music when i saw one of the highlights from the conference, so what was that about ?
    I'm sure you loved the music as much as I did, that aspect of the game deserves a special mention.As far as music is concerned i was pretty much blown away at the main menu :p

    I knew that Ishimoto guy was talented but after playing TWEWY I think this guy could easily replace Uematsu.They should get him to compose for FF XV next.
    Yeah she looked bad but that made her charcter all the more realistic.She had good reason to be jealous of her friend lol and I've never seen a video game charcters this deep since I played Persona 4.Games like TWEWY are a rarity these days.It's a real gem............but the ending :S
    Yeah, I love all that too it's just the last 10 mins that don't sit too well with me, But I'm still glad that everyone made it out alive and happy.Shiki looks ugly though, I liked her better when she was in her friend's body.Her story was fantastic.
    It's too damn cliche'd man, I would think that people like the Composer would be far beyond simple human emotions, I have to admit that even I was impressed with Neku's charcter progression but the composer had no reason to not erase Shibuya, he is after all totally apathetic towards people's lives and entertains himself by playing games with them.SOmeone like that shludn't really have the capacity for such mercy and even if he did he shouldn't have done it.He had no reason to The conductor lost the game and he still keeps Shibuya alive just because one or two people changed? It's ridiculous.
    Got the XBox 360 RGH'd and the Coolrunner has been used in the process.

    The console takes around a minute to come on at times and then there are times when I have to wait 2 whole minutes and then restart because although the green light is visible on the console and the light on the controller flashes, the display is blank.
    We have tried this almost three times now (2 minutes each time).

    Even the first day when we received the RGH'd console, we noticed varied boot times and once, the console came on after 6 spells of restarting.

    It's the XBox 360 SLIM. Starting to get a little worried, can you help me sort this problem (if it really is a problem that is)?
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