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  • well fraps dont support any quality options though sadly :)
    And my steam account is hacked so i dont want to talk any thing to tf2 now
    although it can be done but would take alot of time.like first i have to encode it then upload and u know i dont have any ups or gneretar
    demo first have to converted to AVi format which fraps can do..and that demo was about 30 min..each min of video by fraps consume about 1.5-2GB of file..now tell me..
    I can but give me a good reason as to why?

    Name change is a very heavy process for the server. There are STRICT criteria. Check the announcement section.
    Let me clear this out.

    1. We will sit together today (me,hassanJ) and then decide.
    2. Shyber is not the leader. He is a ordinary member just like others.
    3. HassanJ will be the captain in-game. I will be managing the team. :)
    it was me leading the team with beloshi + spoonz + saqib + tamd + OKJ + summersyed
    I have noted all the details. We will get back to everyone in a day or two.
    I'd recommend you the GTS250.
    If you have the money, go for it. Get the XFX version, if you can.

    4770 is a 128bit card. I just don't like the 128bit - GDDR5 combo :S
    wheelsie sent me a link to 100000 files, i gotta download those and extract them and install them ... :D
    well i like these forums ..........i would like to stay in touch with this PC modding and New arrivals , hardware etc ......i was associated to WCCFtech.com b4 this but this one is elite + i know warchief and shyber are here + others too.....!
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