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  • CONGRATS frst of all :D...yes bro the TEMPs aRE great dont worry at all... im having similar temps....ur safe until 85c .. so chill...

    And yes dude GTA 4 will run fine with it and will run good at even 1024x768....and I highly suggest that u avoid overclocking this card with ur currrent PSU...at the moment

    happy gaming :)
    Thanx leon....when yesterday when you posted a mes about extremist thingy, i didn't even know what u r talking about :D
    I agrees with GTA IV. If you agree with 640*480, GTA IV will do you. Thnxxxx
    If you want to see how good your GPU is then don't play Crysis on it :lol:

    If you have to choose between Crysis and Crysis Warhead then play Crysis first. Crysis Warhead won't make much sence without playing Crysis.
    Sorry for late reply :$.

    Both the PSUs you mentioned are not good. Galaxy currently has some used 400W PSU for Rs 2,000 which have 24Amps on +12v. You should get that one.

    If your budget is lower even then you should get a used PSU which has at least 18Amps on +12v.
    try and get ur hands on an 8600GT ddr3 version...be it 256/512 ...doesnt matter but shud be ddr3 version

    thats ur best bet for playing all those games in Direct x 10 quality
    Not cent percent sure ... but you might be able to do with a HD4650 ATi.

    You need to make sure that whatever you get does NOT need an extra power connector just to be on the safe side.
    7900GS is much better then 9400GS/GT. Get 7900GS if you are going to get a PSU for it.
    7900GS and 8600GT DDR3 will not work with your PSU. Otherwise 7900GS > 8600GT > 8500GT = 7300GT. So obviously 7900GS should be your first priority.

    Btw which of my messages you deleted and why?
    the overall Watts are very less bro..you have to get atlest 350W with 18-20 amps on12V rail..
    in 4 k you can get 8600gt or 7900gs
    CPU : IBM
    Processor : P4 @ 2.4 Ghz
    RAM : 512mb
    HDD: 40 gb
    OS: Windows XP SP2

    -- I am not a PC gamer though !
    yeah then get the 7900gs ... find a used one ... should cost u less than 4k ....
    Well whatre ur pc specs ? I'd recommend u a used 7900gs if youve got a P4 system coz of power supply .. else get a 7300gt. Itll be hell cheap.
    Only 7300GT used one is available on Galaxy for Rs.2,200. 8500GT and 9400GT are not available in used. New 8500GT and 9400GT are available for Rs.3,900.
    Galaxy currently has a used 7300GT 256mb card for Rs.2,200. It will be able to run TF2 and will work with your existing PSU.

    7300GT, 8500GT and 9400GS are equal in performance and don't require much power. Buy the cheapest one you can find. But prefer the DDR3 version. 256MB of DDR3 is better than 512mb of DDR2.
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